Fishing in Russia will be paid


Рыбалка в России станет платной

Do you like fried carp in sour cream or a hearty soup made from freshly caught fish? Forget about these gastronomic pleasures. Fishing in Russia, want to make a paid

The agriculture Ministry is drafting amendments to the law “On fisheries and conservation of aquatic biological resources”. In fact we are talking about the fact that every Russian who wants to go fishing, will buy the fish-card -special patent allowing to fish.

The cost will range from 200 rubles to 5,000 rubles, depending on the water body and region of the country.

Those who are caught in the lake or river with a fishing rod, but no fish cards, counted among the poachers and will be mercilessly fined by 10 000 -11 000.

However, the first reports about the new initiative of the government has caused such anger of the people that a number of officials have rushed to make statements that the journalists they got it wrong, and we are not talking about all the reservoirs of the country, but only on lakes and ponds owned by fish farmers. The outcome is unknown, so quickly grab the kids, fishing poles and run to the nearest river. A favorite pastime of our childhood this summer may be the last.





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