Fishing for carp in the spring


There are lots of reservoirs formed on the areas of old peat workings, and a great many shallow water lakes in the floodplains.

Not as small as it may seem, quite small ponds located along roads. All of these “swamps” have in common is that they are small, overgrown, freezing in winter and not attract special attention of fishermen.

But among them are those in which the usual carp.

The size of the fish, of course, depends on the size of the swamp, its depth, the degree of freezing, frequency of recharge water from external sources, and of course, from Rotana. Though I have to admit that in most cases rotan carp like that get along and often help them in this anglers.

In some situated in a convenient location, the ponds local fishermen periodically throw carp caught in another reservoir, or even a specially purchased in the spring are imported on the occasion in the fish-farming of carp. Release a carp live bait, remaining after the more “solid” fishing. It may seem strange, but even a small feeding is enough for the pond came to life.

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On the other hand, when trying to catch carp, you will inevitably come across and rotan. Begins the hunt for big romanami, their herd is weeded anglers and carp gets the opportunity to spawn and to grow up a bit.

That carp is in a particular swamp can know or not know. To detect it it is possible only in those few days of may, when the fish before spawning begins to move riparian vegetation.

Start biting

For a few days, about two weeks, up to this point, the fish started to bite.

Marsh carp can be caught earlier and more and then, throughout the summer, but it will not be fishing, and hunting.

If you ask to catch carp here in the summer, you will have every day to observe changes in the reservoir, the development of vegetation and the departure of insects, to hunt down fish in the wee hours, pick lure and design of special equipment.

In the spring easier, but you still need to track the moment when the fish will become active.

This happens a few days after the melting of the ice on the pond. Sometimes the water still floating block of ice last, and the carp begins to actively move and search for food. Large carp are hungry now, so there’s a chance to catch him.

Small Karasik begins to bite for a few days later, but it gets in the way, intercepting the bait.

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To try to catch it makes sense to start about last year’s vegetation or in the Gulf, or some driftwood sticking out of the water.

In a small silted “trough” more or less clear almost at first sight. If the greatest depth barely reaches a meter, at a distance of 10-15 meters from the shore the bottom is easily visible. Visible grooves, plants and objects lying on the bottom. The only deep also quickly calculated.

Fish always prefers the surf coast with warmer water surges. The ripples on the water masks the angler.


My friends are caught using the picker, I love to catch the plug. I choose the lakes, where you can get to the edge of the vegetation 5-7 meter plug.

The float I choose with a heavy enough keel, so that no additional shipping he immediately took to the water in a vertical position. It is very convenient, because if the bait is easy, the snap-in is the sinker, and if the hook worm sinker that you can not install. On the carrying capacity of a float of about 0.5 g.

As bait most often carp tempted by moth and worm. Personally, I worms extracted directly near the pond.

Fishing is to silently drop the bait in a selected point, wait ten seconds, and quietly move the snap-in to the next point. When the bait gets to the fish under his nose, he grabs immediately.

In this fishing, first, of course, no bait is not needed. If the fish does not spook and guess the lure for a couple of hours you can manage to catch three or four dozen nice fish. The catching way, with constant movement.

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I’ve found a place where bites occur with some frequency, it makes sense to start throwing to the point of catching microscopic portions of bait. However, we advise you to try to catch as from the bottom and above the bottom.

Crucian carp, and roach, often better caught when the lure is at the bottom, and slowly drifting higher in two to five centimeters.

Fishing from a far distance

The most difficult to catch if the pond is calm. Carp to the shore is not suitable and the distance of fishing increases dramatically. In this case, the advantage of the picker obviously, but I don’t have the patience to wait for the next burst of activity of crucian carp and tired remnants of vegetation that are on every casting cling to the snap.

So I catch the Bologna tackle in the form of an easy five-meter rod clearomizer.


Photo: Andrew Yanshevsky.

Rigging is very simple. On the fishing line 0.14 mm is a float with a capacity of about 3-4, below it a sliding lead sinker, downward movement of which is limited to retaining knot with a bead.

So initially it is assumed that sinker to anchor the rig to the point of fishing. Because the bottom is muddy and the big lure is drowning in it, I put on the hook a small ball of colored floating clay or foam.

Clay is convenient because you can not only choose color, but also to quickly adjust the size and lift of the ball with a mass of bait on the hook. I should note that I snap to the anchor only after the detected point of bites carp. Up to this point doing transactions at a very wide area.

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After the mooring of fish found, and especially if the fish is in the deepest place, have little sense to lure.

As bait I almost always use or a handful of steamed cake or polgardi soaked in water flakes “Hercules”. This bait does not sink in the soft mud.

To tie the cake to the cast easier ground from the shore. Use some fragrant additive in cold water doesn’t make much sense. In recent years I have successfully used cocoa powder and a small amount of honey.

As it is very important to accurately feed the dot with the fish, for casting bait, I use the slingshot. Just need to find a working slingshot in her power. Visually it is easy to choose the right tool for the volume of the Cup.

The end of the bite

This is an interesting fishing lasts only a few days. With the warming water aktiviziruyutsya small carp, and tactics of fishing is changing.

For reliability, I choose a few places, feed them very small doses and after some time (usually an hour) trying to catch. If begins to bite small carp, it is best to immediately change the place of fishing.

The fishery have to change until, until you start to catch fish of decent size. Before the advent of the new cane and reed, little and big carp are in some way divided between location and feeding.

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With the water warming up to 12-14 degrees these places are mixed, and to catch a big carp could or at night, or on a specific bait, or at some favorable circumstances. Swamp fades to autumn, and even till next year.


Photo: Andrew Yanshevsky.

The smaller the pond the easier it is to break its biological balance. It may be so caught dozens of carp accounted for the bulk of the breeders, resulting in a body of water in a year will not be pleased with early active cool.

So I always go all carp caught here. Moreover, whenever I bring up here are caught, for example, in carovnika carp and crucians. And for the report on the work done always in the presence of a dozen Rotanov, and often quite a decent size.


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