First look at a mysterious abandoned spaceship in Star Citizen


Первый взгляд на таинственные покинутые звездолеты в Star CitizenIn addition, in the video we first show a spaceship Anvil Hurricane.

Which year vypilivaya ambitious simulator Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium Games team finds the time to create not only elements of gameplay, but cinematic trailers from a feature of the game.

At this time the developers, for example, has prepared a video about the abandoned command ships, which can be found in the vast Star Citizen universe (as in space or on the surface of planets). By the way, you can explore for useful resources and can be used as the battlefield.

The second video from Chris Roberts (Chris Roberts) and friends is more informative and longer duration. In it the developers show gameplay, associated with were wrecked and abandoned starships. Moreover, they say, Cloud Imperium Games already in the habit creates an “abandoned” version for every ship that appears in the game.

In addition, in the video we first show a spaceship Anvil Hurricane and a number of tattoos that you can decorate your character. Meanwhile, the optimistic gamers continue to throw their money Roberts. On account of Star Citizen 153 968 446 national $ 1 840 500 people.


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