First flight Crew Dragon moved to the middle of January


Первый полет Crew Dragon перенесли на середину январяThe adjustment will allow to return the cargo spacecraft Dragon mission CRS-16 that a few days ago reached the ISS.

Unmanned test flight of the spacecraft Crew Dragon private company SpaceX, founded in the USA in order to refuse services of the Russian Federation on transportation of astronauts to the International space station and postponed for 10 days. As reported in the Aerospace Agency of the USA, the launch shifted from 7 to 17 January.

“We still have work on the certification process, the development of equipment and verification of readiness. The next steps in this process prior to test mission – critical importance. We do not depend on dates, and rely on data. In the end, we will launch the SpaceX Demo-1, when need be, having received information for next flight, including with people on Board,” said Manager of the Commercial Crew Program Kathy Lueders.

The timing of the launch of rival Dragon Crew ship, Boeing CST-100 Cockpit is also slightly adjusted: unmanned flight will take place in March, piloted in August.

In 2014, Boeing received a contract from NASA worth $4.2 billion for manned flights to ISS, and SpaceX got the same agreement with the figure of $2.6 billion.

Now in space since June 6, works as the first part of the ISS-57 – 42-summer commander of crew Alexander Gerst (Germany), his age, the Serine Union-Chancellor (USA) and 43-year-old Sergey Prokopiev (Russia), and the second – a 39-year-old Anne McClain (USA), 48-year-old David Saint-Jacques (Canada) and the 54-year-old Oleg Kononenko (Russian Federation).


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