First aid for snakebite


Первая помощь при укусе ядовитой змеи

In the campaign, even the most simple, anything can happen, for example, You or a member of Your team can bite the snake. Any self-respecting camper should know how to identify a snake bite and first aid in this situation. Yes, at first glance, it seems that the possibility of encountering a poisonous snake is extremely small, many people think that venomous snakes are a rarity, which is found, perhaps, in the deserts and tropical jungles. I hasten to dispel this commonly held misconception in the world about 230 known species of poisonous snakes, many of them there are in our country, and the poisonous adder, and even lives in Central Russia.

As you can see, the risk of being bitten by a poisonous snake during a camping not so ghostly. Let’s look at step by step, how to identify the bite and how to provide first aid for a snake bite.

How to identify the bite of a poisonous snake?
The appearance of one or more of the following signs requires immediate action to detect the bite and taking measures of first aid to the victim. So, the main symptoms of a snake bite are:

First, the victim feels the pain. It is wise to inspect the site of pain, this will allow to identify the nature of the damage and take necessary action before there are other signs.
Swelling at the site of the bite, which manifests itself in a couple of minutes, gradually swelling extends to the whole bitten limb and the adjacent part of the body, damage can be observed bruises.
The abnormal state – weakness, drowsiness, fever, vomiting and nausea, temperature.
The bruising on the ears, the skin and in the mouth.
If time does not take first aid measures, it may be fatal. Depending on the snake and the bite, death can occur as in an hour and two weeks. The bite plays a huge role – if the bite occurred in a major blood vessel, the poisoning develops at lightning speed.

What to do if bitten by a poisonous snake?
First and foremost, you need to call medical assistance if possible. It is clear that most of the snake bite away from civilization and medical aid can not count, but if there’s a settlement, you should not miss this opportunity. For efficiency it makes sense to entrust the challenge to the unemployed partner while he will call and explain to the attendant circumstances of the accident, others will give first aid to the victim, the time in such situations plays a crucial role.

To prevent the spread of poison through the vessels, it is necessary to use a tourniquet above the bite. We all know how it’s done and remember from school courses that the wiring overlaps no more than half an hour. Do not forget to attach to the harness a note with the time overlay.

Suck away poison from ranki. Yes, on this subject, a lot of jokes go, but the best Hiking conditions I can think of is the poison must be removed from the wound, and better way than to suck it, no. Of course, in the mouth there should be no damage if You have gums scratched, it is better to entrust this business to another.

The affected limb should be immobilized and the victim to ensure peace if the hand is warmer, then they should be applied to the bite.

The victim plenty of water.

As quickly as possible deliver the victim in medical institution where it will be carried out detoxification and qualified help.

Remember to know the algorithm of first aid in case of bite, a little, you must also know how to behave when meeting with a snake. The snake itself does not attack, bite only in extreme cases, when it forced to do so. The issue of conduct when dealing with snakes, we have devoted a separate article, I recommend you read it.

Be careful when you’re outdoors, no matter whether it’s Hiking or just a walk in the mushrooms, the risk of being bitten by a snake is always there.


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