Finnish students built in the woods the perfect cabin for introverts. Photo


Ambitious and interesting project.

Architecture students built a perfect little house to stay in the woods in the middle of Finland. Guys personally made some parts of the building to fit into a small budget and the result is really impressive, reports the with reference to

Two architecture students Jonas Becker and Timm Bergman joined in Studio Politaire and developed the project of the house in one of the sparsely populated areas of Finland in the province of Satakunta.

Desperate students personally built the house for travelers and the road to it. By the way, the conditions the guys were quite complicated because of the swamp terrain, lack of water and electricity didn’t help them. Besides, Timm and Satakunta used only environmentally friendly materials, and also do the roof, fireplace and stone oven, as they needed to cut costs about 14,000 dollars.

The room has 4 rooms: a kitchen, a small living room, dining room, and a sauna. And complements the interior furnishings from the old house the grandmother of one of the founders, as well as things made by children. While the house has no water and electricity, but there is a stove and a fireplace. The boys are already working on creating its own system of filtering water from a nearby lake.


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