Fight for cheese


Драка за сыр

In a Moscow supermarket there was a conflict on the soil of cheese. Two women quarreled over a piece of imported goat cheese. Remained the last one, which immediately attracted two buyers.

Survived. People fight for the opportunity to buy normal products. And it is in Moscow.

This story happened last night with my former colleague on the radio. She went to the “ABC of taste”, to buy products. The alphabet is almost the last place in town where you can get “zapresheno”. Not sure how they do it.

Had to go empty the shelves of the 80s and fighting the 90s, in the 21st century at the forty-third year of life citizens are greedy tried to snatch your food. – says Evgeny> – Specifically – a piece of cheese. Probably, if this happened in any Auchan, emotions would have been less. On a piece of cheese with coveted Queen “in nach louboutins and the same trousers” (winter – all in Sables and diamonds from head to nails) to the store where even yogurt Danone reason is worth as a used Peugeot.

In fairness it should be recognized that in the “ABC” there are very tasty foods. Olives, for example. For them, I go and went.

On the shelf with the cheese lay that ill-fated lone piece. It was a discount. That in a normal day’s worth 2600 roubles (per banal goat cheese!), gave 80% cheaper. This became a decisive moment. The shelf life of a week didn’t bother me – the cheese in my house lives much less is hand and grabbed a piece off the shelf.

I turned the food in his hands, looked for the catch, found. Thought. And in that moment I realized that the cheese I am drawn somewhere to showcase the sausage. It turned out, the food will be dragged opposite was a lady and pulled a piece of cheese in his side. Aggressively (well, I have to grip everything is OK, not pulled out):

– Madam, what are you doing?
– Give, you don’t need one! You are here 2 minutes and already standing!
(Yes at least half an hour…) And you my cheese? There’s a whole showcase.
But at this discount, and he was the last give!

And here in me rebelled assetpulse proletarian. I Psoralea about the difficult financial situation, “sable”, the lady offered to exchange “sable sleeve” on a piece of Parmesan and a slice of ham, for example, and stalked to the cashier with cheese in his hands.

In the back of sipylos something like “poor redneck” and it was doubly fun on the background of the situation.
Generally, the feelings, as in the queue of the late 80’s, when people fought for “thrown” on the counter of the blue hens.


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