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Little known and incredible places.

It seems that modern humans have traveled the globe and visited its most distant corners. But unique wonders of nature as well as architectural works of our ancestors can not really impress. The more attractive become the next 15 lesser-known areas, a reality which is hard to believe.

1. The building of the library and the Haskell Opera house

The building of the public library and Opera house is located on the border between Canada and the United States, through Derby Line, Vermont, Stanstead, Quebec. The library has two separate entrances, for Americans and for Canadians, and in the middle of the hall drawn black line, which actually is the border. That is, all the visitors to the library can go to Canada and taking a few steps to read books in America.

2. Burning city

In 1962, the local authorities of the city of Centralia hired firefighters-volunteers for destruction of the landfill located in an abandoned open mine pit. Fire, as usual, set fire to the trash heap, let them burn out. However, the fire went out before the end began to smolder deep deposits of debris and soon through the hole in the shaft, the flames spread to other coal mines.

After a short period of time, residents began to complain of ill health, and the owners of underground tanks of gasoline noted significant changes in temperature. In 1981, the child fell into a 45 foot excavation pit that had suddenly formed beneath his feet. The boy was rescued, but the case drew attention to a local problem. In 1984 it was decided to relocate the residents of Centralia in nearby cities. Of the 2 million people by 2013 in the city were only 7, most of the buildings demolished, and the underground fire is still raging.

3. Tiny Park

Mill Ends Park in Portland.

In our view the Park’s various trees, alleys and benches. However, Portland has a Park that breaks all the stereotypes. It is a circle with a total length of 0.6 meters with a total area of 115 square centimeters. According to the Guinness Book of world records, this is the smallest Park in the world, there are only one miniature tree and some flowers.

4. Wall of chewing gum

Wall of gum in Seattle.

Landmark, the history of which began in 1993, when theatre-lovers toiled from boredom in the queue for tickets and was glued to the wall with chewing gum. Over the years the wall has grown to 15 meters long and 4.5 meters wide. Because of the sugar, the wall began to collapse in 2015 and was made to clean it. But tourists and locals newly decorated wall of multi-colored chewing gum.

5. Red paper clip for in Kipling

Cafe Cottage Paperclip in Kipling, Canada.

Paperclip Cottage café is a real success story about one guy. In 2005, Kyle MacDonald lived in a rented apartment, hoping to move into their own home. From the despair of the boyfriend decided to play a child’s game, the essence of which was to exchange one thing for another of greater value. It all started with a red paperclip that Kyle exchanged for a handle, the handle on the door handle. The exchange occurred in 14 stages, the last of which brought the MacDonald house. The house was sold, and in its building there was a café, named after the clip.

6. The town of Staufen im Breisgau

The town of Staufen im Breisgau in Germany.

Cute European town, which is now just falling apart. Obvious destructive processes began in 2007. Because of the mistakes of the drilling of the earth began to break up under their feet, cracks appeared in the walls of buildings. How to stop a split, experts do not know, so over time, this German town could just disappear.

7. Narrow street

powerhorse – the narrowest street.

In Germany is the narrowest street in the world. It appeared in 1727. The width of the passage between the buildings at the narrowest point reaches 31 cm, and at its widest is only 50. People with excess weight and claustrophobia it is not recommended to pass on this attraction.

8. No man’s land

Bir Tawil – no man’s land.

Bir Tawil is 2060 square kilometers, the draw between Egypt and Sudan. The history of this area is fairly commonplace, in 1902 Britain held a new border, giving bir Tawil to Egypt, and Halebsky triangle – Sudan. However, after independence, Egypt demanded the return to the old borders, rejecting the rights of bir Tawil. The Sudanese authorities in turn did not want to take the alienated territory. Today bir Tawil is a desert country, where livestock graze tribe Ababda.

9. Giant chest

A huge chest of drawers in North Carolina.

One of the attractions of high point is a larger version of the wooden chest of drawers 19th century with giant toes sticking out of a locker. This work of art tells tourists about the two major industries of the city: the manufacture of furniture and hosiery.

10. The sparsely populated village

Little known and incredible places of the world
Manavi – a village of one.

Nebraska is the most sparsely populated village Monowi. According to the census in 2000, there were only two people – a married couple, Rudy and Elsie Eiler. In 2004, Rudy was gone. Elsie was the only resident Monowi. She is the mayor of the city, which allowed her to give herself a liquor license.

11. Public restroom without walls

Bathroom in Iceland.

Near the geothermal plant in Krafla is a bathroom without walls. It’s called “Krafla Toilet”. Sewage system bathroom connected to the thermal spring from which the water in the pipes is always hot. Recently the toilet was dismantled, but the shower and sink left.

12. Private property

Property of the Hess family in new York.

In 1910 the government took over the expansion of the subway on 7th Avenue. For this, it was decided to destroy several sites in Greenwich village, among which was the estate of Hess. 1922 descendants noticed a small error in the calculations, which indicated that they are owners of a tiny piece of land. The site was paved and decorated with mosaics that tell a short family history.

13. A mysterious machine

Mystery soda machine in Seattle.

In the heart of Capitol hill in Seattle is a mysterious machine, which banks sells soda for 75 cents. Machine more than thirty years, but to this day no one knows who he belongs to and who is engaged in its service. Despite the lack of markings, the gun has its own page in Facebook.

14. A tunnel for toads

Frog tunnel, Davis.

The tunnel was constructed specifically so that frogs could cross the road. To create a frog subway was spent 14000 dollars. Eventually near the tunnel grew a city with small buildings for frogs.

15. Gates of hell

The door to hell, Turkmenistan

In 1971, near the village Darvaz, geologists have discovered a large accumulation of underground gas. Due to excavation and drilling a large hole into which failed rig and all equipment. To harmful substances not to come out, it was decided to set fire to the funnel. According to the calculations of geologists, the fire had to subside in 5-6 days, but the crater is still lit to this day.


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