Fifteen fabulous countries where life is good even to the poor. Photo


The perfect place for remote workers.

Pack your bags, guys! We found 15 fabulous places in which to live cheaper than we can imagine. Of course, all of them have their flaws, but the eternal sun and blue water is worth it.


Apart from the fact that in Indonesia you can eat, pray and love, there can still be just available to live. And live a fairly low-budget. The prices here are very reasonable: you can eat less than $1 to live $150 a month, but the work is only possible through the Internet, as there is very high unemployment.


Cambodia is one of the main destinations for travelling with a small budget. But you can also live here for very little money.

$5 from the local fishermen right in front of you will prepare a delicious dinner they caught a crab. And any other seafood here are $1-2.

What’s the catch? This is not a pure beach island, where you will be a day long to lie under the umbrella. The local beach is wild sometimes “adorn” packs of wild dogs or other creatures of the forest. Just right for those who want to live away from civilization.


The South-Eastern coast of Vietnam, famous for the fact that there is 11 thousand hectares of tropical forest. And this is hardly the best place in Asia for diving and spearfishing: there is a huge barrier reef. And even on weekends in these places free of tourists.

Therefore, housing here can be found for $150-200 a month. However, there will have to live in close contact with the locals. Get ready for what they will be sharing beach space with you.


Laos is a country in South-East Asia, known for its beautiful mountains, Buddhist monasteries, rafting on the rivers in rubber boats, with stops in cafes and bars.

Prices in Laos is very affordable to live here is available for $9-20 a day, there’s $1-5 for lunch and to walk, hire a bike for $10.


Despite the fact that this place is very popular among tourists and is a bit more expensive than other Asian countries, the prices in Thailand are still not high compared to many European countries.

Renting a house here will cost $160-320 per month, meals for $1-3, and renting a bike is $63-80 per month. It should be noted that in rural areas of Thailand, right in the middle of a lush jungle, you can settle for $4 per day.


Populous country with the Taj Mahal, famous for caves, FORTS and temples, and Holy cow. In addition, it is also very successful from an economic point of view, the place to stay. $100-110 is enough to rent here apartments by the month for two. A hot plate of chicken rice here can cost only 40 rupees — that’s about 60 cents for a full meal you have to pay $1-2.


Mystical Nepal is famous as the center of spirituality in Asia, and those who seek the path, they come here from all over the world to meditate and soak up the unique atmosphere of this place. Those who don’t crave enlightenment, too, are enjoying the beautiful mountains, stunning ancient temples and pagodas. Nepal is a Paradise for travellers on a budget. The cost of food here, you can restrict $1 a day. Of course, if you go to restaurants will be more expensive, but the most expensive dishes here are on the strength of $8, and apartments for rent (Kathmandu) — $1-2 a day. Public transport here costs up to $0,2.


China is a country of contrasts, with picturesque rural landscapes and congested urban cities, with natural beauty, which stretches along the wild and untamed plains of the Gobi desert and the Northern peak of Everest.

Despite the fact that China is a huge country, it is quite simple to get from one place to another. A visit to the country will not exhaust you as much as in other countries. Yes taxis in most cities is particularly cheap — $1 for a short trip. A substantial meal here for as little as $2.

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

The most inexpensive country to live in have nothing to do with the state housing here is expensive, but in comparison, for example, with Switzerland, vacation in Bulgaria is very economical. Here is as beautiful, as in France, but the bottle beer is only $0.80, and the apartment is here you can withdraw only $200 per month.


Nicaragua is a real fiscal Paradise for those who love to save. In this country everything is cheap, from food to rent. The minimum cost of living does not mean you have to sacrifice quality of life to which you are accustomed at home. $995 will be enough to rent a big apartment, pay bills and food for two, afford little entertainment (a movie, for example) and even to invite the cleaning lady three times per week.


This colorful country with a rich cultural heritage is one of the cheapest to live in. The cost of housing here does not seem so low — $100 thousand for a house of ten rooms. But renting housing is much cheaper — $200 for a Studio apartment per month. The food is also quite cheap — $24-40 for an eye will last for a week. Besides Guatemala abounds with tropical fruits and wonderful coffee.


Honduras today is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world. Because it is cheap, healthy, beautiful, fun, delicious and romantic.

Because everything here is very cheap, you can fly here with a backpack. Good, really delicious and exquisite local food costs $3 per serving. Have to go!


Of course, a rather big country and prices vary from region to region. For example, Lima is now a rapidly growing and developing city, so the prices are atypical. But in small towns in the jungle you can live absolutely for peanuts.

Guanajuato, Mexico

Right in the middle of Mexico is a culturally developed city of Guanajuato. An apartment here can cost you $150-200 a month, a glass of beer at the bar costs less than $1 and a movie ticket is a measly $3.

About your experience of life here ray Bradbury wrote the story “Next in line”. Here also is held the famous arts festival called Cervantino. It was named in honor of the author of the novel about don Quixote.

Ksamil Beach, Albania

The southern extremity of Albania is the ideal place for a quiet life. Nearby is a small town and Butrint national Park. The climate is Mediterranean, local products — olive oil and mandarins. In contrast to neighboring Greece, Italy or even Croatia it is very cheap: a beer costs 90 cents per bottle, housing — $100-120 per month.

Eat seafood (they sell 30 kinds of fish, the average cost of a meal in a café $6), drink cheap wine ($6 per bottle), ride on catamarans and hope that the tourists here in five years more will not.


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