Fiat 500 received the original update


Fiat 500 получил оригинальное обновлениеMilan tuning house Romeo Ferraris has presented an unusual project on the theme of icons of the Italian automotive industry — the compact hatchback Fiat 500.

He introduced a special model called the Cinquone Qatar, which has absorbed the whole spirit of the cultural heritage of the Arab countries.

This Fiat 500 has received a new aerodynamic body kit with extender wings. It includes new bumpers, low side skirts, a spoiler mounted above the tailgate, a stylish rear diffuser, from which protrude two new exhaust pipe system.

Under the hood of a special version of the Fiat 500 Cinquone Qatar installed an upgraded engine with an output of 248 horsepower. For such power had to install oversized brakes. The handling of a hatchback with a small wheelbase has managed to improve the adjustable shock absorbers Bilstein.

The body of the car was white in color. Inside we were met by the interior lined with white leather and Burgundy Alcantara. Also everywhere there are Golden accents highlight the chic Persian sheikhs.

Center console got a small table in a niche which is inserted two glasses of champagne. However, in the Muslim countries alcohol is not welcome. In the interior no rear seats.

Fiat 500 получил оригинальное обновление
Fiat 500 получил оригинальное обновление
Fiat 500 получил оригинальное обновление


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