February winter fishing on the Volga


The old memory walked with a friend all the places checked, and one of which was called “Poplar”.

Here often came across earlier bream were the outputs of the major Zope and white bream. This is quite large and a decent fish we thought.

Winter has passed for the second half, it’s time to Wake up silver Karpov, the chief of which would be bream.

Oh, and bream… How many we have caught them, hardened in these places… How many are lost, unable to push through the hole even with the gaff. Now don’t often come across such. But all the familiar places pecked only plotnicki, perch and usterki.

To fairway we go, we Sergei? — offer the man.
— Come on, ice, hope, rose to spring?
— In the Baptism, frost, took, probably…

Indeed, this winter a real freeze-up only at the turn of the spring began after a night of frost for twenty-seven to thirty.

And it is not only the fairway, but also on the ducts of the flood zone could be swallowed icy Volga water in the gully…

Ruff, bizmathica and bream

Go in the direction of the channel, checking from time to time, depth and lowering the jig with a bunch of bloodworms. While anywhere from three to five meters. Rare bite often bring hasterok.

In these places sit near the holes, drop the feeders and throw out on the bottom a handful of ready mix for bream with a small number of small moth. After some time, the nod, flinching, gradually ascends, from which the heart appears to be jumping there…

But the hook only at the beginning poristoi the resistance, and then from the hole is shown elongated and silvery bream, translucent in the morning sun. One word — plywood, however, is quite delicious, especially the autumn.

But bream is nowhere.

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Already from walking in the snow was hot, and depth is all there. Finally, it seems, has come.

Just near checking the depth. It was five meters. And here is six and a little further from the cliff to ten. Just ledovoe place.

Well, here it will sit in the hole until it stops, before departure, that is. Will wait for fatlip, its Palestine…

Bite pleased almost immediately. But pecked just bug-eyed and angry in appearance ruffs, saluting sticky tail. And this is eight meters?

Discouraged there’s no time. I changed lures to a black bezmaternih “hell”. What the hell… then immediately caught a nice bream.

This day was clearly given to the baitless jig. Sergey also rigged the bait. Peck and his. Occasionally, but securely caught skimmers, almost until dusk, it is clear that along with the greedy pig.

I heard that bream is often accompanied with a bristle brush. I think this time was so.

For minnows

In the morning we are on a small lake, the water reservoir near the town. The extreme cold slept and the weather became a little softer. But still in the morning chill still quite noticeable climbs under his jacket, and his nose was obviously getting cold from the frost.

Run hole. And then have to clean it from thin Ledkov, already taking the line.

— Well, how? — fun Gunda from under securaplane mustache friend. — Trifles?..
— That’s right, the aphid pulls some underwater. Not understand that biting reply, exasperated.

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Really strange bite. A nod as if in fear shaking and swaying, and strike — empty!.. Yeah, there is!.. On the hook flutters of small bleak. What will go on live bait.

— Sasha, what the nature, your mother, and to destroy? Let go soon. Her and passoword not enough just to matchbox! Ha-ha-ha!..
— But let’s see what it will be enough. Maybe I will laugh…

Soon peck and small Soroki, just on live bait, but the bite was short. Something has changed in the weather. The wind brought a grey pasmore. Fish began to take less and then just refused to bite. And we still have not enough live bait for big fishing.

— Can riverbed go? — offer to Volodya.
— So there is only gullies and ruffs.
— The shore fast ice is thicker. Ruffs and also works for the second grade, in extreme cases, as a reserve.
— Well, let’s go.

On the river gently descend the cliff and find the shore of the pool where the water obviously turns and goes under the ice. The place. Pool.

Unwound tackle, planted on mormyshkas bloodworms and under the ice. And immediately began…

Ruffs with the finger fun she was beaten on the nod, eagerly grabbed the crank and sat securely on the hook, leaving holes in the form bristling with strange shapes, something like a snotty gear. No, this will not go on live bait in the most difficult moments.

I cautiously approached the edge of the ice floe, and a drilled hole. Here, the ice was thinner and the hole in the jig pulled over. Soon nod started violently. Surely here ruffs? No, the line flicked a strange narrow Bruskova fish.

So this is a minnow! Rarely I got on the ice they were caught.

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Caught a dozen of minnows to Soroka and bleak, we went home. It is necessary to keep the bait fish. Ruffe gave the ravens. In Cannes they only will poison the water with their slime.

On the Large Fishing to leave did not have, and on urban river-reservoir bleak and gudgeons brought me two large pike and a few smaller. The mother — of 3 and 5 kg, were caught on minnows and bleak whetted smaller fishes.

Soroki this time without things hanging out under the ice all day, not even the lure of “lace” with elbow…

March 8

Whatever you say, fish is now everywhere and a lot of different. If you think of warm and heartily, but scarce on the products of the Soviet years, then it was rare to meet in the provincial town of river fish to lay freely on the counter of the deli.

Except that the market, and that the eye got — speculation and poaching!.. Unable!.. It’s on a table full of party and Komsomol leader itself fell, until “sterlet Sheksninskaya»…

However, in a time when “you pretend to pay, and we — we work” and effort is not required to catch fish. She pecked everywhere, on everything and a lot… So imagine on the table a Soviet fisherman and supplied fish himself, and the most recent.

And under the white “three sixty-two” ‘ve cracked this myself slyly produced his tackle delicacy, humming to himself: “We do not need the sun — we are the party shines, we do not need bread — let’s work!»

And if not stole the day with a native plant a nail, then consider a day down the drain… This was funny.

Little has changed from the functionaries of the new perestroika and market trends. So as a freebie drops them on the table of various gourmet product, only become more impudent officials with deputies and much more impudent, using the warm support from the top: “Naughty? Well, well, to share just don’t forget…»

And the masses, so to speak, the dilemma: in shops and bazaars are now full of all fish, but there is insufficient purchasing power. And simply money…

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Besides, and fish, what is sold, sometimes frozen and thawed so many times that look more like inedible “something” with pale gills and eyes sticking out in all directions, her ribs, coming out of sluggish flesh.

And again the Russian fisherman goes to the white silence “of fog and the smell of the taiga”, well, besides the romantic incense, the beautiful — for the sheer fish.

Today I’m going to ducts for pike, to eighth of March, to personally prepare the woman he loves jellied pike on a cold. It has become a tradition, to bring fishing to the feast of fresh river fish. But I think now in modern fish for a different opinion, and other traditions.

Worse she especially large. Came the depression-stagnation that is common to all reservoirs in lowland rivers, where he built a hydroelectric power station with the turbine vertical rotation.

One of the signs of turning into a huge reservoir pond was that in the summer of 2012, I fished here already round as a saucer, carp to pounds.

Fish is certainly good, but obviously not the Volga…

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So I checked on his channel. Thrilled quiet the thaw, which began immediately after the frost is over thirty. Weather Sorokina and pike.

Plotnicki-Soroki really fun caught on bloodworms, but the imitation fish is hopelessly hard and remained motionless.

Time was already two o’clock when I decided on a radical step: although a chore it is to collect imitation fish with live bait and go to the mouth of the Rutka, in a grove of dead birch trees, frozen in ice.

After the arduous journey on muddy snow with Kanna and full of water, and a bunch of things I still put gear in the middle of forest clearings. And immediately snapped the box!.. Took pike a little more than a kilogram. Then another one.

I spent the night not in the dugout, which is to go on and on, and right on the island, around the campfire. And in the morning again to take a local and frisky medium-sized pike, but the main thing — confidently and often.

So, it will be on the Eighth of March jellied fresh fish!..


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