February news of the fishing ponds


Where there are strong currents, as, for example, on the Volga below the Dubna and the Uglich, and warm water from coolers, ice bound into a rigid monolith. Sometimes it crackles, but this is due to the fact that the ice cover is growing and expanding.

Despite the overall picture of reliable ice, vigilance not to lose ever.

Positive phenomena include stable weather. But there is another factor that strongly influences the fish the fish is the change of water level in rivers and reservoirs.

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The increase in water level occurred long ago, even before the New year, but to drop excess started recently. The impact of this factor on biting in a particular body of water is not clear.

In the Volga reservoirs increased flow led to increased fish and her fish. On the small rivers in some places the bite stopped altogether. The water is muddy and fast.

So, on the Moscow river in the lower city for the fish moved over raslouw curb. The reason seems to be that the water discharge above the town brought very cold water, and the fish instantly went into the depth or rolled down.

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If we analyze the activity of one or another fish, in General, is clearly passive was the pike. By his example, she “infected” large perch.

But, as expected, intensified white bream, bream and big roach on the slow reservoirs. Not to say that all were caught, and big fish. On the contrary, the vast majority of catches were a dozen perch, roach or skimmers. But to remain without for the fish to bite was difficult.

This fish is quite active, but need to persevere to find her and seduce. Not all anglers have to deal with it.


Ivan’kovskii reservoir very good catches of bream for those who did not sit through stupid fish for friends in past years the ground, and was looking for active fish aside from increased flow. A perfectly otravilis at depths of about five meters.

Very good results were some days on the Ruza reservoir. Here the catch was dominated by quite a decent size roach, but some managed to catch five-pound bream.

A little disappointed Ozerninskoe reservoir with lots of small, annoying roaches, and low activity pike.

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Very different and contradictory rumors and results on catches and specific fish in Istra reservoir. This is probably due to the same factor, binding to a familiar place and with the change in temperature distribution of the water layers. Despite the difficulties, intensive search, usually brought a good perch and skimmers.

Ice stood on the Volga river in the upper reaches of the Gorky reservoir. In the area of Ershichi catch perch literally bags. Size is not a trophy, but there are also five-pound pike. Very good the bite was and Elnat.

On the Uglich reservoir reliable ice in the bays. Impact reinforced water discharge in Dubna. Excellent bite pike of three pounds and a decent sized roach.

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The reservoirs of the canal. Moscow, apparently, the peak of biting perch and roach passed, and now I have to look for places with warmer water at depths of five meters. You need to consider that the content of dissolved oxygen in the water is already affecting fishing activity.

The perch moved on to his familiar to the Pirogovsky and Klyazma reservoir mode day stay at half depth. Roach moved closer to the dam.


Slow and stagnant ponds, even those that are formed by dams on the small rivers, apparently fell asleep before the spring melt water. The fish went deep places.

Even the fish moved closer to shore and periodically goes out on the upper coastal edge. The most stable results in large and deep quarries, but here are the most promising places for perch and roach are at the coastal edge.

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Walleye in deep places, maybe, and bite, but ice was not. On lakes with shallow pike bite has ceased, such as on the lake Trostenskoe.

On the Senezh increasingly “on strike” bass, but it is still possible to find and even catch some Humpbacks on the jig or the Jack.

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Good fishing on the lakes in the surroundings of Valday. They are all running, and without spikes winter water level. Very well caught roach on baitless jigs. Remains active pike. Excellent bite burbot, but you need to remember about the spawning restrictions.


Despite the frosty days, open water remains a large number of spinning and poplavochnikov – followers trout fishing. However, the majority of hunters lake brown trout have moved to areas with ice.

In the end, nobody was right, from the point of view of a bite. In defiance pike trout showed such activity, which is usually called “Joram”. Of course, the “black stones” was observed every day, but often.

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But the pike, even where it is very much like a big pond near Petraiciu near ozerninskoe reservoir, literally went on strike.

One day, she preferred a very small perch, and the next day bite exclusively for carp. This again suggests that if fish and there are rules, they are not known to us.

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Once again it becomes clear that there is no direct dependence of the catch the number of fish in the pond. You need to learn to catch.

Along with the pike, according to rumors, sometimes went on strike and whitefish. In this I have little doubt. The reason for doubt must not offend someone — apparently incorrectly caught.


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