February – burbot’s time


Cold autumn rain, the winter snowstorms and frosts – the best friends of this fish.

In the dictionary Dahl burbot referred to as the fish men, however, our ancestors were called and the other smooth, and slimy fish, including Tusk and cod.

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If we consider words with similar sound – a belt and a stone, you can find a link to burbot, the belt is reminiscent of his form, and under the rock he hides and lives among them suits your wedding.


Photo: Evgeny Kuznetsov.

About fishing for burbot written a lot. Here, it would seem, all is simple. Zakidushki, donkey, postawski, imitation fish and fishing rods with localtime – rattling lures with a planting fish here and a whole Arsenal.

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Since the days of L. P. Sabaneev the best nozzle was considered ruff. But sometimes demand was not alive, and crushed in front of the nozzle to the smell of blood was drawn from afar night foodies to the serving table.

It would seem simple. Just! But not all.

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On Onega lake, I was faced with the fact that there are burbot prefer local lake smelt with the fragrance of fresh cucumber and fish. As accumulated experience shows it is not so simple to catch burbot.


In the past century observant anglers, and they move the science of fishing ahead, it was observed that burbot are not indifferent to the world.

When fishing in fall season from the shore of bites on zakidushki was much more in front of the fire. Winter over the hole hung on the pole of a kerosene lamp, and then tackle visible and bites more. In the modern technological world began to apply need flashlights and glow lures.

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Under all other equal conditions, the more he pecked that glows, respectively, and catches of these fishermen grew up with. Need to swap with a friend-hole with catchability, where it was caught on a glow in the dark lure, for a number of standing dead where caught on conventional tackle with Malcolm, the second hole came to life to the detriment of the first.

And in the course of actively went svetonakopitelnye bait, and both day and night.

Fidelity at night apply the fireflies (Night Wasp) – plastic sealed tubes which are attached to the apex of quivertip (alerter bite). They should break up and the yellow light will not miss even a careful bite.

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Like the fireflies used at night and poplavochnikov, inserting them in the replacement tip of the float. The time has come to apply this device and nalisation.

If swietokaplia the jig, saw or bait fish imitation fish on the pin is similar to the Firefly, the result becomes much better. It’s very simple.


Firefly-a guiding star for sighted burbot. Photo: Evgeny Kuznetsov.

Initially, the fishing line is passed through sleeve and it is inserted into a Firefly, which broke, get microphonic almost daily. The distance of a Firefly above the bait or lure five to ten centimeters. Even in the daytime to remove it.

Under the snow and ice underwater in twilight near the bottom, this will be the guiding star that will connect you with your trophy.


Of course, we all dream of a major trophy, talking about and showing the size, it would be possible to move hands side to crunch bones. But really lot of smaller males are the first to attack the jig with whitebait or other fish, tearing impaled the bait.

The fact that the majority of anglers trying to impose sprat two punctures, leaving her almost in a natural horizontal position, so it’s easier to swallow our Amateur night depths.

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Another mistake when the fish is cut into two pieces and skewer back with one puncture half, hoping that the small mouth easier to absorb the proposed production. There will also be a lot of empty bites with the ripping of the lure.


Such a ring cut out detail. Photo: Evgeny Kuznetsov.

Try to plant the fry in such a way that it formed almost a ring, but sting hook came out at a slight angle from the body. As shown, on a fish in the form of a ring attack only large burbot, whose mouth is proportionate to the bait.

Grip you will immediately feel, we can only give a little slack and let stand for several seconds before cutting.

And you with a trophy.


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