FAS rejected the strategy on healthy lifestyles and suggested adding an emetic in Cologne


ФАС отклонила стратегию по ЗОЖ и предложила добавлять рвотное в одеколон

FAS does not agree with the key point of the strategy of the Ministry of health — marking useful and harmful products, objected to the measures to combat Smoking and soda, and also proposes to add emetics in alcohol

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) rejected the draft strategy of the Ministry of health of Russia on formation of a healthy lifestyle. The opinion, signed by Deputy Minister Andrey Kashevarov posted on the website of the FAS. In addition to the document Antimonopoly service was taken into account the comments of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RSPP), expert Council under the government as well as organization “Business Russia”.

The fight against Smoking and alcohol


In the project of the Ministry of formation of healthy lifestyle (HLS) there are contradictions and inaccuracies, insufficient information about the already executed projects, concluded in the FAS. Antitrust Agency asked for clarification on the project and to conduct research on how harmful VAPI and electronic cigarette.


Suggestions on expanding the measures to combat Smoking, the FAS considered too harsh, and the harmfulness of wapow and beznikotinovye and other nicotine devices offered to prove. The increase in excise duties on alcohol in a percentage greater than inflation, according to FAS, will lead to a reduction of legal products on the market.

Instead of a ban on the sale of cheap alcohol-containing liquids, which is lobbying the Ministry of health, the FAS has suggested to add substances that cause a gag reflex. We are talking about disinfectant, cheap colognes, detergents, etc. on the basis of alcohol that can be used for other purposes. In Irkutsk in the end of 2016 after poisoning concentrate for bathing “Hawthorn” killed more than 70 people in the bottles instead of the food turned out to be methyl alcohol.

ФАС отклонила стратегию по ЗОЖ и предложила добавлять рвотное в одеколон

Fish, iodine and vegetables

FAS has also objected to the key point of the strategy — marking useful and harmful food products. According to Antimonopoly service, this approach is contrary to the documents of the Customs Union and may artificially limit competition. Banned the FAS and set the excise tax for sugary drinks and foods with a high salt content.

Click on the revision of the consumer basket, in which the Ministry of health has proposed to add more fish, vegetables and fruits, the FAS considered useless because it does not affect the consumer preferences of the population. “The use of retail customers of certain foods in certain quantities does not depend on the actualization of the consumer basket, and the level of material security of the relevant retail customers,” — said the FAS.

In the proposal of the Ministry of health to use only iodized salt in the organizations of public catering and in the production of bread, the FAS saw the restriction of competition and infringement of interests of producers of non-iodized salt.

“Inaccuracies” in the calculation

The document also many inaccuracies noticed in the FAS. For example, it is indicated that from 2013 to 2016 medical examinations for early detection of noncommunicable diseases were 65% of the adult population. In addition, it is reported that this figure should be increased by 50%, which is impossible, emphasize the FAS.

In another part of the strategy the Ministry of health writes that a positive impact on the reduction of mortality was provided by the construction of Federal centers of cardiac surgery, but data like this is what impact on mortality, does not. To enhance the “preventative health action” from non-communicable diseases (cancer, etc.), the Ministry of health proposes the implementation of four measures and then lists five. Another inaccuracy is the Ministry proposes to establish a regional Commission on healthy lifestyles under a “heads of governments of the regions”, but not in all regions such a position is, according to FAS.

RBC is waiting for a response from the press service of the Ministry of health.


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