FAS opened a criminal case against the Beeline


The Federal Antimonopoly service of Russia, FAS, has informed on excitation of criminal case against the cellular operator Beeline. The reason is clear and understandable is all the fuss because of the prices for calls to travel to Russia.

Earlier FAS already warned all operators that need to reduce prices and to abolish intra-network roaming, but those, as expected, did not listen. First, criminal proceedings were instituted against MTS and MegaFon, and now it is the turn of the Beeline, all three operators failed to fulfil the provisions of FAS and didn’t even react to her warning. The big three now face fines whose dimensions are not specified yet, but it is not the fact that the size of the penalty will be so large that the operators ran to change tariffs on less expensive. Likely to be the opposite – the Big three will pay fines and will raise the prices of certain services, to promptly restore the financial balance at the expense of subscribers.

What about Tele2, the operator is not yet subject to sanctions FAS – in his case, the period of performance for all claims Antimonopoly service extended through the spring of this year. Recall that to abolish intra-network roaming operators of Russia had back in the summer of 2017, then they asked for a delay until December 2017, but it’s already March 2018, as things are there, so that the reaction of the FAS are well founded.


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