Far Cry 5 will have a system anti-piracy protection Denuvo


Far Cry 5 будет иметь систему антипиратской защиты DenuvoIn addition, under a licensing agreement, the game is still protected and the system of Digital Rights Protection (DRM).

It became known that the next major release of Ubisoft, Far Cry 5 will have system Denuvo anti-piracy protection, which the company now puts on all of their games.

It is worth noting that Far Cry 5 is still uses a system of VMProtect, which protects Assassin’s Creed: Origins along with Denuvo and to this day, because the project is still not hacked. Therefore, the new part of the Far Cry series can be hacked in the shortest time. But maybe Ubisoft will add the protection of a VMP, or even start to use some more advanced version of protection.

Denuvo anti-piracy protection 4.8 has been hacked by group of hackers CPY. As proof they posted a Sonic Forces, which were under the protection system Denuvo.


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