Far Cry 5 has received the first addition


Far Cry 5 получила первое дополнениеThis DLC tells about Reglera Wendell, a veteran of the Vietnam war.

Today Far Cry 5 received the first of three planned DLC “the Dark”. The Supplement is already available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. To release, Ubisoft has prepared a brief video.

Recall that the main character is Hours of Darkness — Wendell Redler, whom you could meet in the main game. In his role, and we have to rescue the brothers from the clutches of the soldiers of North Vietnam. If you feel alone you can not do it, call a friend — DLC supports joint mode.

After passing through the “Dark time” you will unlock two bonus games. In “Survivors,” the Arsenal of the protagonist is limited, so the game will become more difficult. In the “Action” you, on the contrary, will be awarded a full set of equipment and allow to arrange the chaos on the battlefield.

Addition Hours of Darkness can be purchased as part of a season pass for Far Cry 5, or separately.


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