Fans of Far Cry free of charge get the third part of the game


Фанаты Far Cry смогут бесплатно получить третью часть игры On this possibility, said developer Ubisoft.

Ubisoft has decided to please fans of the shooter series Far Cry, and declared free of the ability to play Far Cry 3.

The developers of Ubisoft have announced that all buyers of the Season Pass for the game Far Cry 5 will also receive a free gift in the game Far Cry 3 Classic Edition. In this version of the game will be available only in the story campaign of the game, first known for his charismatic villain Vaas. Specifically for this reason, the authors presented a new trailer for the special edition of Far Cry 3.

It is unknown what changes will be included in Far Cry 3 Classic Edition, and whether to modify the graphics of the game. It should be noted that the offer for Season Pass will be distributed on platforms PS4 and Xbox One, which before the game came out. PC gamers will also be given a free copy of the original Far Cry 3.

The shooter Far Cry 5 will be released March 27, 2018 on PC and consoles. Players on PS4 and Xbox One will be able to shooter Far Cry 3 for free only in the summer of 2018. Recently, the authors of Far Cry 5 has posted a new trailer for future games.


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