Fans did not appreciate the strange dress of Tina Karol


The actress went public in a bold manner.

Tina Karol, who came to the awards ceremony of the musical award M1 Music Awards 2018 in mint dress underwear style, appeared again in public. New photos Tina was published on the fan page of the artist in Instagram.

Reportedly, the star took part in the recording of one of the Christmas shows. Where wearing extravagant multi-tiered dress with puffed sleeves covered with flounces.

“Tina Karol on shooting Christmas show. Her outfit cost 7200 dollars by brand Rosamosario: two long gown and corset,” – said the caption under the photo.

However, most of the subscribers to the page and fans of the Carol this choice was not appreciated:

“Sorry, Tina, but I have this bow I do not understand”, “the Mood: put on two robes, then to top wear a corset…”, “Tina’s beauty. And always looks feminine and stylish, but this outfit is too much and clowning,” write the users of imagery.


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