Fans criticized Nastya Kamenskih in a revealing swimsuit


Many have noticed that Kamensky to look slimmer, pulled stomach.

Popular Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky (NK), which for the new year holidays went to warmer climes, continues to share with fans candid shots with guests.

On the new photo, posted to Instagram, the singer captured on the beach.

Nastya posing in a white bikini with sequins that accentuates the flawless tan of the performer. Fans began to actively discuss the shape of a star. Many have noticed that Kamensky to look slimmer, pulled stomach (spelling and punctuation reviews saved).

tamara__queen_77 Belly pulled, poor thing, hardly worth it, stop it, you’re gorgeous!

yuliyademir09 Exhale and be themselves!

svetaivojlova still not skinny

kristinaanatolevna8960 And if he hadn’t pulled stomach? people will love your voice and without a perfect figure, and why are you shouting that perfect if it is not so. Exhale Pulled stomach

lenaefanova765 Nastya tummy pulled in the photo

annuchka_pavlova Well, except that side… And if pull the stomach….And if hand to cover the “ass like Kim”…. And still saggy. The years take their toll.


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