Famous Ukrainian singer told about the early days of motherhood


The singer also admitted, who helps her to care for the baby

Recently became a mother Ukrainian singer TARABAROVA told behind the scenes “Music platform of Ukraine” about his birth and shared his impressions of motherhood. The festive air of the concert will be aired on the TV channel “Ukraine” on October 14 at 23:10.

As noted by the singer, she is now a happy mother, as a little boy always wants to see her next.

“I don’t sleep, like all mothers, but my son happy, not naughty. Heavens, he was, as we ordered, joked TARABAROVA. – He just wants to eat and attention, and I am happy that I always need it”. Svetlana added that to care for the baby help her family.

According to the artist, she gave birth in the most natural kind: “On the first photo after giving birth, I was tortured and no make-up, it is even noticed by the subscribers in Instagram. After about 20 days it is already possible to bounce back”.

TARABAROVA also explained that began to publish in social networks your photo with a baby because they do not believe in the bad superstitions.

“I believe only in the positive. People are interested to see the baby. I have a lot of podeschi-mom, we share emotions, rejoice and inspire each other,” she added.

Svetlana Tarabarova and her husband, producer part-time, Alexey Bondar became parents on Sunday 9 September. For Svetlana’s son was the firstborn.


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