Famous Ukrainian singer admitted that he made “plastic”


The star has reflected on the topic of female beauty.

The soloist of the group “Neangely” Glory Kaminska, who have not managed to get to the floor show “Dancing with the stars” due to injury, admitted the social network that has really done some plastic surgeries.

“Looking at your old pictures, I see that much has changed. And it’s not because the husband is a plastic surgeon) I Just think that the age adorns a woman, if she takes care of herself. All of his TWO plastic surgery I did long before I met my husband” – wrote Fame and published a picture with her husband.

It is worth noting that despite the fact that many Internet users have a negative attitude to plastic surgery, there were those who supported the Glory.

“You are beautiful! Every second woman dreams of plastic. And rude to those who want, but who can’t afford it. From rage!”, “You are very beautiful and all interference in your appearance gone for good! But, damn, how will now look at some individuals, so they among themselves not to distinguish!”, “Glory, I believe Your surgery is Your business. Why are You so defensive? They can think what they want!” – write followers in the comments.


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