Famous Ukrainian dancer scored a new statement about Putin


Sergei Polunin admitted in sympathy with the President of the Russian Federation.

Scandalous ballet dancer Sergei Polunin, who has previously shocked the network of their statements and sympathies to Vladimir Putin, re-wrote a very flattering post about the President of the Russian Federation.

Polunin announced his belief that Putin will become “the leader of the whole world.”

“Like America, one of the most Magical countries. There was a strong feeling and into if Vladimir Putin will become Leader of the Whole World. I’ll Pray for it cuz it will be a complete victory over Evil. He’s a good man, strong, charismatic, full of light and love, let the universe will help him to defeat evil. I believe that this will be the future. And my energy will help him in this,” wrote Sergei Polunin (spelling and punctuation of the author saved – ed).

It should be noted that the dancer writes its publications in two languages – Russian and English. But in the texts of many spelling errors. Therefore, some users have suggested that these controversial statements is just trolling.


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