Famous UFO researcher said that will the world to the year 2099


Знаменитый уфолог рассказал, что будет с миром к 2099 году Predictions were shocking.

People just love to speculate about what the future awaits us. On this subject, written hundreds of books and filmed many movies. Guests from the future constantly Bourget the minds of people who even understand that all of it is likely fiction.

But the futurist and engineering Director for Google ray Kurzweil is not guessing, he calls the exact date. He is very famous for his scientific predictions that have a funny feature of these predictions come true. In 86 % of cases!

After the analysis of the predictions of the ray, which are set out in three books, it was found that of the 147 predictions came true 115 and another 29 was only partly true. And that’s what Kurzweil predicts for this century.

Two thousand nineteen
Humanity will win most diseases from which people die in developed countries. But the pace of ageing will be repeatedly slowed and even reversed.

Two thousand twenty
Computers will continue to umenshatsya and completely lose their form, they will even sew clothes. And in this year will be a real world government.

Also begin a massive modernization of human body with the help of nanotechnology. But the year is not very good, according to forecasts by Kurzweil, advertising companies start to massively use the audio that will be heard individually.

Two thousand twenty five
Almost all modes of transport will be controlled by AI, including cars. In addition, there will be technology that will allow a comprehensive study of the human brain.

Two thousand twenty seven
This opens the possibility for accurate computer simulation of the brain, and by the end of the decade will create AI similar to a human.

Two thousand twenty nine
AI can pass the Turing test, that is, prove that they are able to think like people. And virtual reality will reach its peak and become indistinguishable from the present.

Will bloom in full force, and nanotechnology. They will be introduced to medicine and the economy that will significantly change daily life. Also the nanobots will be able to penetrate into living cells and carry out the process of nutrition, which can lead to a new type of food intake.

For immersion in virtual reality will be to implant special nanobots, which also can improve brain power and cognitive, and sensory. It would also open the possibility to download his own consciousness into the Internet so that you can project yourself anywhere.

It will allow people to communicate “telepathically” with the help of wireless networks. But it will also open up opportunities for changes in personality and memory. But the body as the absolute will disappear, it will be possible to create your own body.

Finally there will come a technological singularity, digital people will become commonplace, but AI will surpass human billions of times. Even for $ 1,000 you can get a device that is much smarter than you. Kurzweil also notes that the genocide of humanity by machines is unlikely because no significant difference between them.

2045-2099 years
Eventually, the whole planet will turn into a huge supercomputer. Those who wish to preserve their natural state, they will live separately in improvizirovanny reserves. But mankind will no longer limited by the speed of light and extend its influence far beyond the limits of the planet. By the end of the century, will begin mass colonization of outer space.

Weakly believe in all this, right? However, if a little googling, all these predictions are based not only on the imagination of Raymond, scientists have been assuming a similar future. While I believe that futurists do not take into account humanity itself. Conservative views of many can move all these dates and events for tens or hundreds of years. Unfortunately


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