Famous TV presenter boasted of “African” tan


Ksenia Borodina was photographed in a bright swimsuit on vacation.

A leading Russian reality show “DOM-2” shared a beach photo on Instagram, which has caused excitement among her numerous followers.

This picture of Kseniya captured piece fashionable swimsuit and sunglasses, but the first catches the eye is her tan.

Signed Xenia a new photo: “Very good to be a mother and wife is the best thing that happened to me in life. And of course there is nothing more comfortable than sneakers and a shirt, but sometimes you want to forget about zoos, bottles, child seats, games rooms, mazes, toys, etc… and feel like a true goddess))) where are you feminine, beautiful, young, in short, where you 24)))) kidding))) where you’re 35 and you feel in harmony with themselves, their body and their condition! mom I will understand)”.

In the comments the presenter gave compliments for the perfect figure, beautiful swimsuit and an incredible tan.


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