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Now their names people know.

Famous people, despite all their creativity and skill are often required by the glory of the occasion. The fact that you never know at what point the luck will smile to you. And, unfortunately, among the world’s celebrities there were those who in life did not wait for no recognition, no wealth. The great Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh died when his work only began to attract wide attention. Some of his most famous works was completed shortly before the author’s death, when the public began to show interest in the new name, reports the Chronicle.info with reference for a Fresher.

American writer Herman Melville died long before been recognized as a classic of world literature. From his pen came a very few works. The novel “Moby dick”, which is now included in the school curriculum of many countries, was met by critics and audiences alike very cool, and got a lot of caustic negative reviews.

Confucius was not always as popular as it is now. Although the philosopher kun Qiu had a few faithful disciples, during his lifetime he was almost unknown in China. Only several centuries later, his teachings became widespread, and it has acquired worldwide fame under the name of kung Fu-tze (Teacher kun).

Paul Gauguin died in poverty and loneliness. Despite the fact that he created several of the masterpieces of world painting, Gauguin failed to make any significant impression on critics and collectors at the turn of the twentieth century. His art became popular only in the new century, and the artist died in 1901. Gauguin had a strong influence on Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse.

El Greco suffered persecution and boycott for disrespect to Michelangelo. Dom√©nikos theotok√≥poulos, better known as El Greco had the audacity to speak disrespectfully of the great masters. Because of his stubborn and quarrelsome temper, of the artist’s work was not appreciated by his contemporaries, and was recognized as the world’s masterpieces only in the nineteenth century, over 250 years after his death.

Books Jane Austen almost nobody read during the life of the writer. Popularity and recognition came to her only works in 1869, when the nephew published a biography of the brilliant aunt, that is, fifty years after her death.

The Stieg Larsson was the bestselling author only after his death. The novel “the Girl with the dragon tattoo” and its sequels were published after the author died in 2004. All over the world have sold millions of copies of books, Larsson, and some of them have been awarded prestigious literary prizes. But world fame, path, and posthumously, he received after he released some very successful films, created on the basis of his works.

The founder of the theory of heredity Gregor Mendel during his life was unknown, as was his teaching. Mendel’s experiments with peas were considered only applicable to peas. And the scientist himself were of the same opinion. Today, Mendel is recognized as no more and no less, as the father of genetics.

The art of Modigliani were not understood in the artist’s life. Creative manner Amadeo Modigliani was so unusual that his works could not get recognition in the early twentieth century. Today one of his paintings or sculptures can be sold at auction for more than $ 100 million.

Only ten poems of Emily Dickinson were published during her lifetime. Dickinson was extremely unsociable, fond of the solitude and indifferent to the publication of his poems. After the poet died, her sister Lavinia found a hiding place, which contained about 1,800 poems and have made their publication, which brought Dickinson world popularity.

Edgar Allan PoE became a legend thanks to a vindictive opponent. During the life of Adraga never ever managed to earn more or less decent money from writing. However, sales of his books soared after the author’s death, when his long-term enemy Rufus Griswold published a slanderous biography of the writer, which depicted him as a drunk and a maniac.

The great Czech writer Franz Kafka wanted his manuscripts were destroyed. Kafka himself burned many of the works and asked his friend max Brod to burn the rest after his death. Brod ignored this request and published the legacy of Kafka, making his late friend, a key figure in world literature of the XX century.

The legendary Bruce Lee during his life was not particularly known in the United States. He was already considered a major star in Asia, but only in the 1973 film “enter the dragon” made his name known to every American family. Unfortunately, the actor died a month before the film’s release in theaters.


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