Famous model plus size, spoke about the modern beauty industry


Ashley Graham condemned cosmetic brands for refusal to cooperate with models “plus size”

Not long ago, the 31-year-old brunette has become an official Ambassador of a major cosmetic brand “Revlon”.

However, Ashley Graham expressed his outrage about the modern beauty industry. In fact, according to famous American women, many brands are not willing to follow the trends, and to develop not only own products, but also to change the philosophy of the company. So most of the offices of international corporations working with models from category “plus size”. However, the star of the catwalks is going to break outdated stereotypes. So gave a Frank interview to one Western publication.

As solid top model said: “All the world’s women use cosmetic products daily. Despite ethnicity body type, religion and appearance. Each of us is many tools on the face. So I’m not worried about how the product looks on the classic models, because we are totally different. The beauty industry to help women of different looks and types, not only the perfect and slender consumers. Because each of us wants to be better.”

Ashley Graham added that before bed removes makeup residue. However, the known model is not concerned with the quantity of used products if the result justifies the lengthy process of applying them. By the way, earlier the representatives of the category of “plus size” participated in the creation of advertising for the brand “Dove”. Then the presentation of a new body lotion was truly revolutionary. Today, after 15 years, the past success could not beat any one brand. However, Asos and H&M not only has created a collection for the buxom customers, but appetizing and inviting models to advertise swimwear.


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