Famous model plus size naked Day nudist


Girls not shy about its magnificent forms.

Popular model plus size Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday has decided to remind once again that size doesn’t matter and published Nude pictures in Instagram. Girls congratulated its subscribers in the social network with National nudist day, which is unofficially celebrated in the US since the 70-ies of the last century.

Every year this day finds more and more supporters. Ashley and Tess was no exception. They are actively promoting the love of your body and by all means fight bodyshaping. Of course, the pictures of celebrities provoked a strong reaction among users of the network, who once again praised Graham and Halliday for their daring. They are, according to commentators, inspire the people around you and help you to understand how important it is to love yourself.

“They hate you because they are not you,” signed candid shot Tess.

I must say that lately this kind of images have become commonplace for Ashley. For example, in may, the star participated in a sensual photo shoot of the magazine V magazine, where he posed completely naked. Celebrity is not afraid to stand in front of fans like this, because we know how important it is to break the stereotypes.

“I remember how I began to manifest cellulite in high school. Will never forget the day I approached my mom and asked her, “does this disgust you? It’s awful!”. The minute she lowered his trousers and said: “Look! I have it too”. And in that moment I lost my breath,” said then in an interview with Ashley.

Tess Holliday, by the way, not lagging behind their colleagues, taking part in a provocative photo shoots and defending women’s right to look the way they want. Last year, by the way, star is actively fought off the attacks of ill-wishers in Facebook, which collapsed on top of her with criticism after a post in defense of women with more curvy.

A little over a month ago, Ashley, Tess and many other netizens took part in the action #TheySaid. Under this tag people in uploaded Instagram your photos without phototreatment and told their personal stories of struggle with bodyshaping.


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