Famous Hollywood actress turned into a 82-year-old man


Tilda Swinton played an elderly man in the new film, Luke Guadagnino.

Actress Tilda Swinton stated that he had played an 82-year-old man in the new film, Luke Guadagnino – horror Suspiria. In addition to its primary role of headmistress of the dance Academy of Madame Blanche, she has embodied on the screen image of Dr. Joseph Klemperer.

It was initially reported that Joseph Klemperer played the 82-year-old actor and psychoanalyst from Germany Lutz Ebersdorf. And, surprisingly, the record of Ebersdorf it was the first part.

Despite the fact that the media and netizens suspect that Klemperer could be a made-up Tilda, Director Guadagnino insisted that took to cast a newcomer. At a press conference at the Venice film festival Swinton read the address of the missing Ebersdorf.

In correspondence with The New York Times, Swinton confirmed that she and Ebersdorf.

“The answer to the question addressed to me: “You play doctor Klemperer in Suspiria?” is that Dr. Klemperer plays Lutz Ebersdorf,” wrote the actress. At the same time, the question is whether it Lutz of Ebersdorf Swinton said “absolutely Yes”.

On the question of why it was necessary to play an elderly man, Tilde said, “sure, I need to say first of all for fun. As my grandma used to say – the motto for life and death – “don’t be sad”.

“A psychoanalyst or a psychiatrist with a sense of the unconscious – is the one who knows what each error is an attempt to tell the truth. Klemperer is absorbed by the phantom of his dead wife: it “manages” the woman. It dictates the rhythm of its life in the daily structure of his loneliness,” added Swinton.

For turning Swinton in Klemperer, the Director has hired Oscar-winning make-up artist Brand Necklace. The process of applying the makeup took about four hours every day. “Although she has a slightly androgynous appearance, in terms of fashion, the Tilde is a very feminine bone structure,” says Collier.

“We had to do for her penis and testicles, he added. She was such a nice, weighty set of genitals, so she could feel it dangling between his legs, and she even managed to get him on the set several times.”

The publication notes that there is a third, more monstrous character, which in the final effect also played by Swinton. “This is a film that is very much associated with psychoanalysis, says Guadagnino, and I like to think that only Tilda can play ego, superego and unconscious.”


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