Famous family of billionaires commissioned the development of the floating city


Известная семья миллиардеров заказала разработку плавучего города The Rothschilds will build a floating house in the form of pyramids.

Ordinary citizens, as well as financial institutions and exchanges always focus on the elite, since their actions make it clear that in the near future to expect of humanity.

Recently it became known that the Rothschilds (in French and English branches of the family) entered into a contract with the designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini, who will soon develop a project Wayaland to create floating houses.

Facilities will differ not only design, but also adaptability. The house in the form of pyramids equipped with solar panels and other installations which will allow you to work offline.

It is worth noting that the Rothschilds commissioned the development of not only individual homes, but entire floating city. Here only what for? Is very soon the area will be flooded?

Each building is made of fiberglass and steel, will perform its functions. So, one building will serve as home and the other with a greenhouse, garden or theater.

The designer plans to perform at home called Waya Maya-style Japanese architecture. The cost of one building will be 350 thousand Euro.


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