Famous Chupacabra found in Russia


Знаменитую Чупакабру обнаружили в России Strange animal showed up in Astrakhan.

Note that the message about the attack Chupacabra on livestock private sector of Astrakhan appear every year. And although the official science is helpless, only hands and tries to explain this robbery, attack natural predators, for example, the steppe polecat or a Jackal, a mythical creature continues its raids, sparing chickens, geese, rabbits and other household animals, bringing serious damage to the people of this city.

The last RAID Chupacabra on the private sector Trusovsky area of Astrakhan has occurred just recently. Affected residents of the houses near the hospital named after Kirov. For example, among them Rakhmetovna Naila, who lives on the street 4-I Novoslobodskaya, its economy Chupacabra visited in the night last Friday. That’s what the woman said to correspondents:

“Of course, we can talk about ferrets, foxes and jackals, but it was too handwriting is this thief Chupacabras. First, the tremendous strength of the beast is huge, breaks and crushes the cells, like matchboxes. Second, the meat eating, drinking of their victims blood. Thirdly, dogs sit in their kennels, tails between their legs when there is this robbery, and I’m afraid to do even the most ferocious dogs, what do we know about the massacre only in the morning. Finally, before the snow fell, and near the aviary and cages – no imprint, like a robber through the air flew, torn cells, blood-drunk again… and flew away. Mystery, and only!”

For example, some cryptozoologists believe that all these mysterious beasts – Yeti, Chupacabra, Nessie, and so on – appear from a parallel world. Probably only this can explain not only by their elusiveness, but the lack of in this particular case, footprints in the snow.


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