Famous archeologist made an incredible discovery about the Mayan calendar


Известный археолог сделал невероятное открытие о календаре майя According to statements of the scientist, the decrypted code will help to create a time machine.

Archaeologist Timothy Alan for a long time studied the Mayan calendar, recent studies helped to unravel the secret code of the Indian tribe of South America.

Around Maya many legends, also this tribe is not once mentioned in the terrible prophecies concerning the end of the world. Scientists suspect that the Maya possessed secret knowledge about space and time.

Timothy noted that the decrypted code opens the language of multidimensionality, these data were cross-checked by representatives of the Guatemalan Maya.

The code itself was once created with the aim of changing human consciousness, at the same time, it will help physicists to create some map for traveling in time. According to the experts, they will be able to unlock the time portal.


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