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Известные актеры, повторившие судьбы своих героев. ФотоThe tragedy in the life of actors.

Movie this little life that the actor lives in the frame. It would seem that there is nothing wrong to play the tragic role. But when this role is not played, but have lived in real life, it becomes clear why the actors are so superstitious and often don’t want to play characters who die in the frame.

Igor Talc

Известные актеры, повторившие судьбы своих героев. Фото

The prophetic role in the film Igor Talkov, who passed away at the age of only 34 years, then not many beautiful songs.

The singer played a gang leader in the film “Behind last line”. The image of his hero Garik turns out to be shot. Shooting this scene took place in Leningrad on 6 October 1990. A talented singer and musician was shot dead exactly one year later, on 6 October 1991 before going on stage.

Vasily Shukshin

Известные актеры, повторившие судьбы своих героев. Фото

Writer, actor, Director Vasily Shukshin has died at 45 years of age. He had many plans and creative ideas, but a heart attack ended his life on October 2, 1974 during the filming.

Shortly before the tragedy Vasily Shukshin starred in two movies where his character dies. The latest project of the actor and the film “Kalina Krasnaya”, where Vasily Shukshin was not only starred but also was the script writer and Director. To finish shooting the film “They fought for the Motherland” he could not. His body was found on the ship “Danube” actor Georgy Burkov, who was friends with the owner. Have been playing his role is Yuri Soloviev, was voiced by Igor Yefimov.

Leonid Bykov

Известные актеры, повторившие судьбы своих героев. Фото

The great Maestro Leonid Bykov Soviet cinema was in a car accident, returning from his dacha. He tried to make the maneuver to his “Volga” and overtake the rider in front of a tractor with a cultivator, but went into the oncoming lane and collided with a truck.
Two years before a car accident in the film “Aty-Baty, were soldiers” hero actor Victor svyatkina in the frame under the tank dies. This film was the last directorial work of the master.

Anatoly Papanov

Известные актеры, повторившие судьбы своих героев. Фото

In 1984 Anatoly Papanov played the role of Vladimir Lobanov in the film “Time of desires”. In the film his character died of a heart attack.

August 5, 1987 I came home in between filming. The day was very hot, and the actor decided to cool off under the shower. He died in the bathroom of a heart attack. For many years Anatoly Papanov suffered from cardiovascular failure.
That summer he starred in the film “Cold summer 53-go”, where his character also dies. To finish the job he couldn’t.

Talgat Nigmatulin

Известные актеры, повторившие судьбы своих героев. Фото

The actor would be the Champion of Uzbekistan in karate, and a movie was playing strong and agile heroes. A year before his death, he starred Samat Kasymov in “Wolf pit”. For he thought, Samat killed by his mentor.

11 Feb 1985 in Vilnius, Talgat Nigmatulin died as a result of brutal beatings. Beat him five “healers” at the direction of the head of the sect Abaya Borubaeva, a member of which was the actor. He refused to participate in knocking out the money from unruly of Abai’s disciples, for which he paid with his life. On the body of the actor was discovered 119 injuries.

Brandon Lee

Известные актеры, повторившие судьбы своих героев. Фото

Brandon Lee died at 28, almost a film set, shortly before my own wedding. He played Eric draven in “the crow.” In the film his character shot in the stomach with a pistol. Cap accidentally hit the actor and stuck in the spine. In the hospital Brandon died from massive blood loss on March 31, 1998. The filming finished instead of Brandon’s understudy.


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