Facebook is testing a long-awaited new feature


Facebook тестирует долгожданную новую функцию Function may become available to all users in the next two months.

The administration of the social network Facebook is constantly working to expand the functionality of their offspring. Constantly introducing new functions and algorithms designed to improve the user experience of this social network. Many years ago, this social network was first introduced the button “Like”, which allows to evaluate the records that liking. It became known today that a limited number of users, consisting of several tens of thousands of people have already received access to the new opportunities that it represents the option “Dislike”.

As it became known on 10 February 2018, the social network Facebook has allowed a limited number of users to use the button “Dislike”, which is called Downvote. You can use it only in the comments to various entries, to assess the responses of different users. It is intended for reducing. If you “Like” it increases, “Dislike” – reduce, and now the rating could be negative.

In the future is likely to be a downgrade will be possible to assess the photographs of publications on the pages of users and communities, and everywhere where you can find the button “Like”. The function “Dislike” social network Facebook is going to introduce to combat Internet trolls and other inappropriate people. Normal users will be able disilicate such records, so they sank to the bottom and were never seen again.

It is expected that the Downvote function in the next two months will be available to all users of social network Facebook.


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