Facebook has learned to identify, among users, the poor and the rich


Facebook научился выявлять среди пользователей бедняков и богачей Facebook has registered rights to the computer algorithm in February.

The company Facebook has patented the algorithm, which is able to determine the user belongs to a particular social class: working, middle or upper. On man’s place on the social ladder, according to Facebook, is affected by a number of factors, including the number of devices from which it emerges in the social network (the more — the higher the expected level of his earnings), place of residence, education and frequency of travel.

It is unclear whether she already use the new tool. While the company publicly explains the rules of advertising, we set more than 2 billion audience: for example, if users “like” pages related to travel, and celebrated in different parts of the world, the algorithms may decide that the person may be interested in advertising agencies.

The algorithms Facebook already can see whether the user visited any travel websites, being logged in to the website. Moreover, writes The Telegraph, travel companies underpaid the social network for the ability to display targeted ads. In your privacy settings this feature can be disabled but by default it is enabled.

If Facebook decides to use its patented algorithm, the company will need to make changes in rules of data collection under the General regulation on data protection (General Data Protection Regulation) adopted by the European Parliament in may 2016 (will come into force in 2019). Companies that violate the new law on protection of personal data, faces a fine in the amount of 4% of annual revenue, or €20 million.


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