Facebook banned advertising that promises the treatment of coronavirus


Facebook . Photo: pixabay.com

Facebook tightens its rules against advertising, referring to the outbreak of coronavirus. Thus the company is trying to reduce the amount of misinformation and fears about flash.

According to Business Insider, the social network will block ads that mentions about it, if it promises to cure or prevent the virus or try to “create a sense of urgency”.

We recently implemented a policy that prohibits advertising, which belongs to the coronavirus, and creates a sense of urgency, for example, implies a limited supply or guarantee the treatment or prevention. We also have a policy for platforms like Marketplace prohibiting such conduct”, which prohibit such behavior

Facebook, like other technical platform now struggling with panic and sometimes outright misinformation about COVID-19. The social network uses fact-checking to identify questionable applications and subsequent suppression of their news feed, and in late January announced that it is taking additional steps to direct the removal of false information about the outbreak.

Meanwhile, Facebook users turn to the help of groups in the social network, below wholesale buy and sell medical mask.

Other technology companies are also experiencing a surge of unwanted activity around coronavirus. Thus, the publication Wired reported that some third-party sellers on Amazon trying to offer customers mask, significantly increasing their prices compared to the retail price.

LeMonade previously wrote that, coronavirus tore shooting with Tom cruise.

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