Eyewitnesses filmed a lot of strange phenomena in the sky over Canada


Очевидцы засняли множество странных явлений в небе над Канадой The appearance of unusual objects recorded in several places.

Three days ago, February 7, the daughter of a farmer from the city of Spondin, which is located in Canada, Alberta, photographed a strange sunset, the sun suddenly took the form of a drop, and up rushed a light pole.

To explain what happened very difficult. Some believe that the photo depicts an unusual UFO or a ball of energy materialized. Ufologists, by the way, do not deny this turn of events.

It is worth noting that such phenomena during this time there were several. So, for example, on some North American cities there were circles pink, orange “pillows” in the sky, and also some pure white “wave” on the horizon.

Witnesses believe that this is the first signs of the coming Apocalypse. Ufologists believe that this is all the handiwork of aliens that attack.

Earlier it was reported that the aliens have been among us. Moreover, they helped to build a civilization. So why would they invade? All sense of reasoning of some ufologists is lost.


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