ExxonMobil has asked the authorities to facilitate her work on the Russian shelf


ExxonMobil попросила власти упростить ей работу на российском шельфе

The President Of ExxonMobil Russia Inc. Glenn Waller has addressed a letter to the government asking to change the rules for it work in Russia, reports the newspaper “Kommersant”. In particular, we are talking about the abolition of the amendments to the Code of trading navigation (KTM) from 2017, which oblige to transport oil, gas and coal exclusively to the courts under the Russian flag. Under the restriction in the result of a fall and floating drilling rigs.

In ExxonMobil indicate that the current situation is in jeopardy is the implementation of an oil and gas project “Sakhalin-1” that will lead to multi-million dollar spending on the part of Russia. Waller explains this by the fact that drilling under the Russian flag is not enough. In the letter he indicates that the Ministry of transport has already prepared the relevant draft amendments.

The Ministry of industry and trade publication confirmed that this initiative of the Ministry of transport do exist. However, the Department noted that with them the draft document are not consistent.

ExxonMobil also proposes to change the procedure for accreditation of branches of foreign companies in Russia. The current rules are formally in 2001, but in fact was created in the early 1990-ies and based on order of registration in the system of chambers of Commerce. The Ministry of Finance and Ministry of economic development discussed the problem and offered to give the state Register of accredited branches and representative offices of foreign companies a similar registration at the Federal tax service. However, until now, to implement these changes failed due to disputes inside the government to support investment.

The company warned that in case of nonfulfillment of her requests, Russia will face multimillion-dollar spending.


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