Extremist Know-Nothings. The blogger was summoned for questioning for an excerpt from a children’s book Nosova


Экстремист Незнайка. Блогера вызвали на допрос за отрывок из детской книжки Носова

The administrator of the Krasnodar public “Radical dreamers” in “Vkontakte”, Mikhail Malakhov 6 Oct got a call from the attorney’s office investigator received a denunciation stating that in the posts Malakhov contains extremism. It was about a post which had a screenshot from the book “dunno on the moon”. The investigator has not specified, instituted, and in what status he is going to talk to the blogger.

The post was published in the group on 28 March 2017. It contains the text of 31 chapters of the book “dunno on the moon” by Nikolai Nosov, which was published in 1964:

— And who are these cops? — Herring said.
— The bandits! with irritation, said Spike. Honestly, bandits!
Truly, the duty of police to protect the population from
robbers, in reality, they only protect the rich. A rich-are the real robbers. Only they Rob us under the guise of laws that do come up.
And what, tell the difference, according to the law to Rob me or not by law? Yes
I don’t care!
— Here at you is weird! — said Screw. Why should you obey
the police and these… as you call them, rich?
— Try here not listen, when everything is in their hands: and the earth, and factories,
and money, and additionally weapon!

The Prosecutor said that Mikhail Malakhov cause, because the office has received a statement please check this post: maybe he incites hatred towards a social group “police” (article 282 of the criminal code).

“When I heard this, I was discouraged and said, “do You want to receive an explanation on the excerpt from “dunno”? He incited hatred towards the police? Are you serious?“ What the investigator I said dryly: “it will be sorted out linguistic expertise”,” — told the Open Russia Malakhov.

According to him, the prosecutors wanted to, where he actually lives. Michael refused to tell him this information. The interlocutor is not confused: he said that the prosecution will be able to get the address and without his help, if necessary. Michael said that in the coming days to talk with the prosecutors, he can not, and promised that he will come to him in the week. “I don’t even know if you are going to go to the Prosecutor but without a lawyer as you do not want”, — he told the Open Russia.

Mikhail Malakhov lives in Krasnodar. He is committed to helping people get penalties from developers through the society for the protection of the rights of consumers. A man sees the public “Radical dreamers” as their hobby.

“This group is not a lot of people, I’m taking it rather for themselves. In my country a lot of things banned and banned again: a few careless words — and now you are an extremist. Therefore the name is: the dreams we have not yet put even if they are radical. This is the public about everything, there is published what seems interesting to me and that may be of interest to others. I would say that it is educational in nature: about half the posts in it are not political,” said Michael.


Who could write a statement, he does not know. In the opposition rallies, the man never participated, but rather the opposite.

“I spoke on “the other side” — wrote articles for “antimaydanov”, was conducted on a commercial basis group LDNR, my publications are on Russia Today and “Life”. But now I’m gone, but I don’t think it has something to do,” — said Malakhov.

Disappointed in what he was doing, Michael helped work in one of the projects of Boris Rozhina, better known as blogger “Colonel Kassad”. Rozhin, chief editor of “Voice of Sevastopol”, a supporter of the annexation of Crimea to Russia and the author of the euphemism “friendly people”.

“Working within the structure itself, I realized how many lies is merged into the network and how fast it spreads. Finally I realized what was happening, when he visited DNI as a tourist and looked at all the eyes. Any editor or journalist understands when she is lying or spreading lies. To continue it or not is a personal choice,” — said Malakhov.

Text Nosov about the police is from the book “dunno on the moon” is popular, it is often quoted in blogs, websites and forums. For example, he posted on “the Joke.ru”, “Peekaboo”, took him in his blog and actor Stanislav Sadalsky with the comment: “Agree, noses — seer!?”.

Incitement of hostility and hatred in the children’s printing is found before. In June 2017, the court delivered its verdict on article 282 of the criminal code the Director of the Moscow “library of Ukrainian literature” Natalia Sharina. The woman was appointed four years of imprisonment conditionally for distribution of “Russophobic” materials, among which were children’s magazine “Barvinok”. In the list of forbidden materials of the Ministry of justice was the hero of the Soviet cartoon about Winnie the Pooh — Piglet, his image was printed on the leaflets with a note: “it Seems the rebellion begins”. A flyer stuck in Kondopoga, during the infamous events of 2006.



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