Extortion in schools continue to thrive


Поборы в школах продолжают процветать

Even if the line Internet search engines to enter the word “extortion” – wise the machine immediately tells “charges in school” in order not to press buttons on the keyboard. The most common query that reflects the sad realities of bribery of teachers and nowhere to go, despite promises to stamp them out.

Last year the Public chamber has summed up the complaints of parents and students: complaints of extortion on the part of schools and teachers come from nearly every region, and in some places the situation is reached the point of absurdity – free secondary education in fact have at least partially ceased to be.

“We have received complaints from Kabardino-Balkaria, – quotes the first Deputy predsedatelya of the Public chamber Commission “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. Students for the summer got a job through the employment service. And when it came time to pay, the Executive Secretary took the kids on the bus to the Bank and took all that they earned, to the school Fund.

In the other region at the beginning of the school year, the Director held a General Assembly and forced all parents to insure their children, for 230 rubles per child. Another case: the school has installed turnstiles at the entrance, and now you demand from parents for 500 rubles for repairs and monthly fee for SMS-notification about visit of the child.”

About his recent fight with extortion in school, says parent Elizabeth Smolensk in the LJ community malyshi: “it was Naive to hope that we will finish the school year without incident. Our cool more than a month suffered, was attached, but may her gentle soul not made of money. The first of may, early in the morning, sent in through Facebook message: to donate money, of course! A trifle, you can not even strain some 650 rubles!

At the meeting to bring 650 rubles: 1. bells – 25 rubles, 2. diploma – 55 rubles, 3. balls – 40 roubles, 4. bouquets -110 rubles, 5. diploma – 15 rubles, 6. gifts 11th graders – 20 rubles, 7. repair – 300 rubles, 8. The CDF paper 3 packs and black gel pen – 43 rubles.

If there is one calculator, the amount obtained 608 rubles. I’m not unhappy 42 rubles a pity that our dear teacher rounded in their favor, me with the fact such impudence a little notch. And with that to ask her a reasonable question, I do not have the opportunity because “You can’t send a message to this user, as he limited the circle of persons that can send him messages.” I might order to send, and I ask questions of the right deprived. Is to be expected.

I’m in a group class begin to ask questions, with what joy we her repair should pay, at what point changed the rules of rounding and where the money was spent, which was passed early in the year for children. Was a gift for the New year – some candy, a pound, was a gift on February 23 – card and plastic pencil sharpener, there was even a journal of some skinny on DR donated. But put the sum total of these gifts is absolutely not pull. And my money continues to pull. So how long, I ask. In the public domain.

And there ponabezhalo mother, and my eyes opened. Turns out, neither this year nor in the previous for the second half of the money is collected. And I, like a fool in the beginning of the year gave the full amount. Begin to be interested in one if I’m numbered among the class of oligarchs or even the rich parents who pay at double rate, so those who passed, like me, the entire amount, half was returned. Am I the only one appeared in the list of “suckers” who can easily Rob.

I’m calling our cool – I gave her for her questions. She excuses, it sends radcom. Call the Chairwoman of radcom, and she’s fun, she giggles and says, “You Lizailina, no not in the past year nothing donated, and I owe you about any money not going to be accountable! Hee-hee!”. The visor drops and the group entities.

We were fighting in the principal’s office five times. Five. Two or three hours. We tried to shake out of radcom some report the flow of money. The Director sat and laughed. She works in a hospital, it seems overdone with the calming of nerves. With my overpayment sorted out quickly and efficiently. She denied receiving them any money at all, after I have presented TEXTS from the classroom itself cool through his teeth confirmed that Yes, the message from her, get my money, yeah, magically the bag Chairwoman radcom formed the required amount and receipts in my name, in obtaining surplus funds.

Marvel! Her people did not hand over money, and she came prepared with receipts and money. Out of pocket, not otherwise. Or is it hoped that it would not have any proof of parting with cash, and we will have nothing to give? In the end, even checks some of the expenses were charged. Left, for the most part. But the Directorate was recognized as valid. Here’s a check on the cake. Bought in the kiosk at the bus stop, and the owner of a stall swears that is not the case with her cakes over fifteen hundred two pounds, it does not! She has a stall at the bus stop, not the bakery, her cakes – three names, and all are small. But a receipt assures us that after all there was a cake bought. And a week before the tea party. Bought cake 20, drank tea on the 27th, the Director says that just drinking it is necessary to recognize the check.

And so for half of the checks, sure. Here’s one for 800 rubles and a toilet brush did not buy? Not? I don’t, I’m over fifty dollars in fixprice take. And our – found. 1250 rubles – the broom and the brush. In both. But once the brush and the broom was – then the check is valid, what claims, the Director said. Yes, all commodity receipts, cash no. All from SP. And whats the big deal?

Yes, a bouquet for the teacher on NG in the decoration was acquired on October 10. The 4th one bouquet, on teachers ‘ day, a 10th – bouquet for the New year. And then suddenly the NG would not be? Disassemble. Will not be delivered. The flowers are stale, as you know for the holidays traders lousy stale goods sell. And then a good fresh flowers purchased in advance and festively decorated. Beauty!

In General, the time the five of us, unhappy, ruined. As a business, prepared for the meeting report with all claims. The meeting came – and there is the whole class going, and all of us are ready to break. And certificates-bells, which we had to bring money, already bought, and already Director signed. All but our five. Us holidays line was expelled. The exams, tests and CDF-s we passed all exclusively on three. All five or only three. And in year three. Over a quarter of the cost of the evaluation in her diary: 4,5,5. For a quarter – 3. Quarters: 4,5,4,3; ready – 3, of course. We were rushed to the Director to find out what kind of math this is, and how such assessments appear. And one mom from our class took us to the area and the tip, dur dark, it is not necessary for the class teacher to barrel roll, only make it worse for yourself. Her mother (wish you knew) – the Prosecutor, and our very cool disabled, required for budgetary organizations. She has cerebral palsy so we know. As rides on the studs – we saw it turns out it’s cerebral palsy. And she’s a sacred cow that no one will not cut it in the budget organizations in the state must be invalid, and so is she. And who does not agree – write a complaint with my office.

Three out of five of bonuses realized and repented. Apologized to the teacher and radcom asked the address where letters and bells was purchased to the children were together with the team. Passed the money on a farewell gift to the teacher. I and another lady were lousy. On sheet with autographs for the voluntary collection of money for gift, I wrote that against it. But Yes it means nothing for the half hour that we were sitting in the meeting, three class teacher ran in the class a blank sheet on which we had to write the name and sign. What documents from this then made or will make – God knows. And the last surprise was that our two children are not enough textbooks in the 5th grade. So “I’m sorry, but you will have to purchase a set of textbooks at their own expense. Many children of this year of birth, someone here might not be enough”. Not enough our. Coincidence, I guess. Could a teacher be offended by those who didn’t give her a bribe? It’s not there.

Of course, I’m going to transfer the child to another school, he even, it seems, the man himself has already started for the upcoming (I hope) the place of study. But I have another visor falls and very itching to write the administration and ask around in the Department of education, imagining them, too, the relationship between what two who refused to pay were left without textbooks, or is it a coincidence”.

In March, Elizabeth Smolensk wrote that in the same school class teacher “told him to hand over the money to carry out VLOOKUP for grade 4. 880 rubles take out and put. I would have taken it out and put, I do not mind, but I strong feeling that we were just fooling. Klasnyi Director swears that all this exam is paid, that’s all Russia pays for some magic program, because it was like to take on computers. I am embarrassed that Yandex about some valuable software for delivery of VPR is not known, and not known about the payment for the exam. The class teacher insists that the order came from the very top, what is not said, the document itself, the school administration doesn’t want to show. And they say that I’m in this situation acting like a greedy brawler and she’s ashamed of me”. Later it turned out that the tests really paid, but the “price per test – 55 rubles… Now in the group of the richest voluntarily surrendered 880 rubles wondering why the amount already for 16 exams. But our partisan is silent.Good school, fun teacher, and exams interesting. The circus can not go”.

“I marvel at the loyalty of parents – comments anny_fanny1. – This rich still? I have a hundred times to discuss spending. Upload photos of checks, even on a trifle. And it happens live and examine under the microscope… And you have such nonsense. And only two unhappy? Complain everywhere. And if the mother is a teacher working in the Prosecutor’s office, complain to the higher authorities, immediately putting what you’re asking not to be addressed there and then (state prosecutors), as there is working mother a teacher-so.”

“It’s brutal out here… No, we rockometer all reporting leads, regularly labels and receipts in the General chat and throw every penny you save. Strength to you! Get out of there. It is strange that the other parents act as passive lead,” writes natali_mya.

“At all events go with the recorder, switch on and record, take screenshots everywhere, and may need,” advises linn_leit.

“Just reserve nepuganyh idiots. Sure, just be sure to write to the Prosecutor and copies to the Federal Supervisory authorities. Describe everything as here – teacher, Director, radcom, checks, books, cakes. There is passion as in love. Incidentally, the same greedy ridiculous. I am always shocked that I’m the one asking the questions “where, how much, why so expensive, why the provider,” etc., and everyone else just silently unfasten,” writes gipsy_cat.

Legal website 210fz.ru notes that in accordance with the law № 273 “On education in Russian Federation” for the provision of supplemental educational services may incur additional charges. These services include:

  • teaching additional material on some subjects, or study additional subjects, which is not in the program of the school;
  • teaching any subjects for special children’s development;
  • tutoring — a more detailed explanation of the school’s material on any one subject, sessions are managed separately with one student or two;
  • teaching beyond the school curriculum, for a more in-depth understanding of the subject;
  • other services the list of which is not provided educational programs in accordance with the Russian legislation.

Types and forms of additional educational services are defined by the Charter of each individual school. But when the teachers at parent meetings, required to make any funding to the needs of the class and school, the parents agree and submit. Many of them do not know that such actions on the part of school personnel is not legitimate.

The school prohibited the collection of money by law:

Teaching the courses included in the General education process. Parents are not required to pay even those lessons, which are held as an extra before preparing for tests. Since preparing for tests included in the educational process and the teacher required her to go through with the students.

Providing security services for the school. In accordance with the provisions of Federal Law No. 273, any educational institution (school, kindergarten) is required to provide their students safety. Safe conditions must be met in the school throughout the educational process, i.e. while students are in the building.

The provision of textbooks and teaching manuals. The act stated that all educational books and manuals on General subjects are provided free of charge. An exception may be when a pupil is studying additional disciplines not included in the General education program. Only in this case parents are required to buy textbooks.

Providing wardrobe. According to the law, every educational institution should have a special room intended for the storage of outer clothing of students. In this room needs to work a school staff member who will be responsible for the safety of things people left behind.

Repair the school and purchase new special equipment. Provisions of the Federal Law № 83 “amendments to separate laws of the Russian Federation in connection with improvement of legal status of state (municipal) institutions” says that all actions occurring as part of the educational process and within the walls of educational institutions are financed from the Russian budget. In connection with this law, it follows that parents should not hand over money for the renovation of classrooms, purchase of equipment, new furniture in the office and so on.

If the school staff require the Deposit of funds to any needs of the school, while not having a legitimate reason, parents have the right to file a complaint against them. According to the law, in case of unreasonable collection of money in educational institutions should contact:

  • municipal educational institution;
  • the Board of education and city level;
  • district administration in charge of education;
  • the Department of education;
  • police station;
  • the organization for the fight against crimes in the field of Economics.

If parents are in doubt about the legality of collecting funds at school, by law they are entitled to apply to the Ministry of education. In this institution will tell you whether it is legal the actions of school staff.

Liability for illegal levies in the school is regulated by Federal Law No. 63 “criminal code of the Russian Federation”. In article 136 of this law States that for extortion in an educational institution is subject to criminal liability.

According to the law, for extortion, the punishment may be as follows:

  • the restriction of freedom for a period up to 4 years;
  • compulsory works for a period up to 4 years;
  • arrest for a period up to 6 calendar months;
  • fines up to 80,000 rubles.

To prosecute school staff should contact the police or the Prosecutor’s office”.


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