Exposing the scams of the doctors turned to the Prosecutor with dismissal


Разоблачение врачей мошенников обернулось для прокурора увольнением

Senior assistant Prosecutor lost his job after the detection of fraud with millions of health insurance Fund

A former employee of the Prosecutor’s office of Volgograd region Love Merkulov tells how he was punished for disobedience. After it was revealed the scheme of withdrawal of state funds through the district hospital, Merkulov dismissed from service.

Clinical examination of dead souls
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In December 2016 in the Volgograd region Prosecutor’s office received an anonymous letter with information that in Zhirnovsky district Central hospital falsified data on the results of medical examination and vaccination of citizens. To understand the situation instructed Lubov Merkulova.

Began the usual in such cases: the surveys of staff, door-to-door residents of Zhirnovsk, which turned to the doctors or was in the hospital in recent months. The result was that nearly a dozen residents of the city of Zhirnovsk, which, according to the documents from the hospital, took place in the year 2016 check-up, never not been there. People were outraged and sided with the Prosecutor. Three physicians of this hospital clearly stated that no relationship to the fraud are not.

Had to interview nurses who confessed and told the whole scheme of the preparation of medical records for “examination”: how added information about carried out inspections, research, and patient visits. Later their words are confirmed by one of the doctors, which had been questioned by the Prosecutor, Tatiana Drama. She prepared reports dispanserization and sent them to the chief accountant of the hospital. And already from accounting documents left for payment to the Fund of obligatory medical insurance. It is on Drabu pointed out nurses are answering the question of who ordered them to falsify cards patients. Well orchestrated this scheme, as expected, the hospital chief of staff Maria Amelina.

“At any price Amelina required to carry out the plan of examination for the year 2016. Even by falsifying medical documents. In her explanation she said that the plan of the examination are too high, and since the hospital lacks the medical staff, the indicators and norms to accomplish was impossible, — commented Love Merkulova. — When I took Draby explanation, she said that he had informed his staff that without a plan, no one gets the prize, or what it’s called incentive payments”.

It turned out that the head of the Ministry of health of the Volgograd region Vladimir Shkarin, to complete the rule, which came from the Ministry of health of Russia, amounted to an unrealistic plan for “healing” citizens from all kinds of diseases. And Amelina as a man and enterprising Executive complied with the instructions of his superiors and received a financial incentive.

The system of the present health care system is simple and straightforward — the greater the number of medical cards will report the hospital, the more money the doctors and nurses. It turned out that the government “orders” the number of occupied beds in a result turned into a total creation of corruption schemes. Interestingly, in turning such schemes in the interest of all — from the nurses to the doctor.

In Zhirnovsky the hospital only had 1 thousand 725 forged medical cards. The damage amounted to more than 1.5 million rubles.

Fired for the work done

When you are finished, Love Merkulov gave the documents for legal action by the Investigative Committee. But for almost a year these materials are at the Prosecutor’s office. And Merkulov soon fired.

“I just didn’t want to hide what you were doing Amelina. Moreover, exactly the same scheme Amelina scrolled with the vaccination. In her reports show that she spent one hundred percent vaccination. But it turned out that at least three schools where, according to the documents, which she signed, all children were vaccinated, nothing like this has happened. This was announced by Director of schools, — said Merkulov. — And the money from Fund of obligatory medical insurance came anyway. When I showed, I called Amelina and said that she supposedly has some audio, with some alleged dirt on me…”

As it turned out an expensive vaccine “Grippol plus” which was supposed to introduce children, simply pour it into the toilet.

If the lack of “the required number of patients” behaviour of the chief doctor yet to explain the situation with the vaccination looks like outright trash. It turns out that the state wasted bought expensive medicines, pay for transport, the work of the doctors and nurses, storage vials and in addition paid the extra money for successful vaccination.

“All who participated in this scheme, continue to work in the hospital. Punished only I. Against me there were two service checks. And this is done on the basis of forged letters and falsified audio recordings, obtained from Amelina, which was conducted the examination, says Love Merkulova. And I have the proof. But this did not prevent the Prosecutor of the Volgograd region Maxim Ershov, to appoint official investigation without reason on it and make a decision about the dismissal immediately after my personal explanation with him on the situation. Therapists gave new testimony in which he said, if I would have had moral pressure… simply put, I was made a hostage situation.”

The only positive result was the removal from office of the head physician and its translation in the position of the simple therapist. But after checking, according to Merkulova, she began to press and tried to force to resign. Then occurred the conversation with the Prosecutor of Zhirnovsky district, Evgeny Galkin, after which Merkulov, a young woman, not complained of their health, by ambulance to the hospital.

The editors of a recorded conversation during which the Prosecutor Galkin insisted on the resignation Merkulova want to: “Quit. If you don’t bring an explanation, you better quit. Now she quit voluntarily. You then just anywhere on the job did not suit”.
And when Love Merkulova said it was ready to go with explanations to the Prosecutor of the region, the threats began: “Now, if you God forbid at the Prosecutor opens his mouth and starts talking about who the Snitch is… …trust you there not go far”.
In addition, Galkin said that the reasons for dismissal Merkulova find will be simple: “Find what. At your house you will find the package of money…”

In search of the truth

After all the threats and warnings followed by dismissal. Perhaps the reason for such a strange reaction to the Prosecutor’s superiors at work of the employee was that the mother of the main accused — the head physician of the hospital was known and respected in the field a woman as a national expert on breastfeeding, honored doctor of Russia Tatyana Berdikova.

“I heard that some officials were transferred three and a half million rubles to the case of theft was closed, and a separate condition to be fired — said Merkulov. — At Amelina, as a former physician and daughter of the honored physician of Russia, there are, of course, good connections. It seems to me that these contacts were used to ensure that I remained without work”.

Maria Amelina herself in conversation with ASMI stated that he does not understand the reasons for such suspicion.

“What nonsense, what are you… Besides, the topic is already closed. I already took off from work, everyone is happy — everything is fine — said Amelina. — It is necessary to have prosecutors asking why the Prosecutor withdrew the work. Probably worked right enough”.

After the order of dismissal came to Merkulova in her arms, she appealed to Tradespace, the Prosecutor General’s office and the Investigative Committee. But if the first two departments just recommended her to go to court, the investigators reported that they did not have the right to initiate criminal proceedings.

The Lenin district court of the Volgograd regional court refused Merkulova in the reinstatement. Now she awaits the results of consideration of appeal to the Volgograd regional court.

Former Prosecutor fears that the documents for verification can be destroyed, as in March they were withdrawn from her, the Deputy Prosecutor of the Volgograd region Nikolay ereshkigal by and at the request of the Leninsky district court in August of 2017 is not provided.


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