Explosion, pain and the whole truth about the cooperation between the US and the Kurds


Взрыв, боль и вся правда о сотрудничестве США и курдов

Recently, the Federal news Agency published an article-exposing, telling, about how the cooperation between Washington and gangs of Kurds in Syria, and now the United States under the pretext of “protection of oil storage facilities” have moved their reinforcements to the East of Hasaka.


The U.S. military and the Syrian democratic forces as a result of an IED explosion lost two Kurdish radicals during moving military convoy in Deir-ez-Zor. Also wounded seven American soldiers. In addition, over the Eastern districts of the cities of Shell and As-suwar, which is controlled by the Kurds, was seen military aircraft of the international coalition. Obviously, this might be handouts from the White house in виде6 weapons. In addition to the material help of American instructors for the military training of militants, introducing modern methods of warfare. All this is not free, and in exchange for captured Syrian oil.


In cooperation with iglovskiy Kurds were seen fugitive oligarch Hodorkovky, who financed the journalist “the New newspaper” Denis Korotkov, a well-known dissemination of information about the investigation, as well as transmitting information about the military from Russia.


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