Explainer video animations


So – is – the best for animators perspective. Promotional animated videos are now everywhere.
Animation, creating animation 2D, 3DFlat animation, character animation, video to website, animated Explainer Video. The period of development of the animated movie of 14 days.

Animated video for business:
Visualizes and sells Your product
Advertise Your service
Creates the image of the company
Increases the conversion of your page
Time is very expensive, and clients sometimes have very little time and attention. He can’t just sort out Your service,it is not clear the benefits.
The text on the site very long, intricate, and requires great effort to read it.
What happens when you don’t understand? You are losing money. You lose money animation video.
For each new client you pay money on SEO, SMM, contextual advertising. The client’s cost is 70$
How not to lose a customer? Quickly explain what you doand how Service will help the client.To help You come to Animation. The accessibility and speed of information absorbed simply doing this video is an indispensable tool for communicating complex information.
Creating animation for presentations, commercials and cartoons.
Example of work: Character animation
Animation for the site. Presentation of the company.
The explanation video production is here.
Graphics premium level. Cost: from$ 4000 per minute.
Cheap animation market is, for it is necessary to pay about $ 50 for a second, but in this case the customer receives a minimum of detail and no background.
The main styles of animation:
2D animation, 3D animation, flat animation, character animation, classical hand-drawn animationanimation.

How does the creation of the animated movie?
1. Define the concept and style of animation.

2. Develop a script, write a storyline.

3. We approve the text, to give voice to the speaker.

4. The recorded VoiceOver.

5. Illustrator creates all the necessary elements of the roller.

6. Designer animates characters and hand-drawn graphics.

7. Sound designer develops a unique music track for your movie.

8. The movie is ready and sent to customer for approval.
How many edits can be made in animation? After watching the movie, you check out all the material and make edits, they can make twice free. If You want to change something in the video, at any time, even after the end of the project, you can contact us.
How much animation? The cost very much depends on the topic. The minimum cost of a one-minute roller — 4500$. To buy explainer video online you can here, getting great quality for your services, or companies saving your time and your money!


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