Experts told about the possible existence of intelligence in plants


Эксперты рассказали о возможном наличии интеллекта у растений Plants is not as simple as they may seem.

Considering himself the crown of creation, man believes that is the most intelligent creature on earth. While he admits that animals (especially Pets) also have some intelligence, but completely denying it to plants.

About lost his mind the people to say that they are plant life. And the word “vegetable” you did not like?

In fact, our perceptions and judgments about the plants is absurd and very primitive.

The ancients believed plants not only smart, but also spiritual

The famous medieval physician Paracelsus wrote in his “Occult botany” that each plant has a mind and even soul. This was known by the ancient sages. We somehow believe that plants cannot feel, cannot suffer – they just occur certain chemical reactions. And then, why worry, worry, if of danger can neither escape nor defend?..

Studies of modern scholars contradict this view. First, there is evidence that plants feel pain when they inflict wounds, and emit “cries of” who perceive their green cousins, neighbors, and record the galvanometer. We also found out that plants, like people, suffer from thirst and hunger that they have a peculiar immune system, and structures similar to nerve fibers. Finally, plants exchange information with each other.

In 1926. Indian scientist Jagdish Chandra Bose established that plants respond irritation electrical impulses. Long time to this fact attention is rarely paid, but now scientists have found that electric signals are processed in the cell membranes, and thus plants sensitively monitor changes in the external environment and respond by changing the timing of flowering, amount and growth rate of leaves.

Plants know the language of flavors

Modern chemistry has shown that the aromas of the plants replace words or sounds, save them from death, as us – a call for help. This “scent language” understood not only plants, but also crawling and flying around them predatory “brethren” insects.

According to the American researcher Eric Davis, when plants are attacked by pests, it became known to all their relatives. It turns out that the vegetable world is also full of trickery and struggle: it responds to many external stimuli, mobilizing all forces, calls for help need allies, disguises and devises a devious traps. Even is what awaits him, and tries to avoid trouble is actually to change your own destiny. Sometimes the behavior of plants is so “sophisticated” and complex that the idea was not do they have a real reason?..

Plants – great cunning

A scientist from the Netherlands Marcel Dicke noticed the amazing ability of many plants to call for help to his defenders. So, when spider mites attack all known cucumber highlights on their leaves terpenoids – a special aromatic substances. Is this smell going insects-predators – “the bodyguards” of cucumbers, destroying their enemies.

Some plants are effective against enemy ahead, ready to meet him armed, and to this end develop mutiliation (jasmonic acid). Caterpillar still crawling, and predators, warned of plants, already on the alert. Interestingly, when the researchers applied the plant mechanical damage (scratched, stabbed and slaughtered), those suffered without emitting substances that attract insect defenders. This implies that plants are aware of the nature of the damage, that is distinguished by gnawing them the caterpillar from the action of a needle or knife.

Another example. The leaves of elm laid eggs of the moth. The tree did not wait until those eggs out into voracious caterpillars, and called the defenders. Not malicious time the larvae grow as they ate arrived at call “bodyguards” of elm.

But how the trick is native to America, passion flower: it protects itself with a special outgrowths, resembling the eggs of insects. The butterfly that arrives to the passion, he sees that someone here has postponed eggs to it, and sent back home, not to leave the doomed on the death of the offspring. The fact that the tracks have appeared before, eat those that hatched later. Here lies the enemies of this extraordinary flower.

To the new agronomy through an understanding of what constitutes a plant

Even our ancestors knew that man cultivated plants subtly react to his attitude towards them. It is no secret that some of the people all cultures develop and produce much better than the other, and explain that only the terms and not care. For example, the California horticulturist Luther Burbank was able to bring a new kind of cactus, devoid of thorns, the man simply talked to the plants and created a “vibration of love”. In the same way has been taken white sheer mulberry.

If you go back to fighting wild plants with pests, then the person should learn her methods. After studying and putting into practice the commands that give the predatory insects our green friends, we will be able to defeat fitomedicina. Will not need to pollinate your gardens and beds with toxic chemicals, polluting the land and disturbing the ecology of the environment. If cultivated plants will also learn what their wild “relatives” – to defend themselves, including “shout” to attract defenders, will start a new era of agriculture.

Were it not for the wild plants and their remarkable abilities, our planet would become desolate and bare. Her green outfit is undoubted evidence of the reasonableness of the plants which have so much to say to the man if he learned to listen and understand…


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