Experts tell how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud in the garage


Эксперты рассказали, как не стать жертвой обмана в автомастерскойAn experienced mechanic are able to establish the level of knowledge of the client and to develop an effective scheme of deception

In Ukraine, increasingly there are cases of deception of workers by the owners garages. Most interesting is that an experienced mechanic is able to quickly determine the level of knowledge of the customer and quickly develop in the head is effective a scheme of deception.

In the end you overpay for the wizard, five, and even ten times more.

Let’s consider the most common ways of cheating customers dishonest mechanics:

money charged even in case, when in fact no work has not been executed;

the fee is for the new part, but the car is set in a refurbished part that has already been used (or cheap equivalent);

use substandard supplies: oil, antifreeze, composition for anticorrosive processing and so on. However, they can be issued for quality and expensive products (at least, you will be charged the appropriate);

there are mechanics that during the renovation change the quality (and nearly new) items are junk.

How to protect yourself from fraud for a HUNDRED?

Of course, to stand above the “soul” from the master of the refurbishment is unlikely to succeed. But if you know basic manipulation, it is possible to protect yourself from fraud.

Let us examine the most popular options:

1. Cheating when changing the oil One of the most common methods of cheating in STO is “fake” oil change. The usual procedure involves the complete drain the old used oil, fill new fluid and replace the oil filter. Instead, unscrupulous webmasters make in another way- they topped up with fresh oil to the proper level and change the filter. As the engine oil, especially the Executive class, have a high cost, this allows the service (and the professional) a good weld. But this costs the client may not be limited. Used oil can not cope with the tasks assigned to it, and the engine parts wear out quickly and become useless. If the motorist fails to notice the problems and did not take appropriate measures, the engine may need an expensive overhaul. To detect this fraud just after an oil change check the level and the quality of the latter with a feeler gauge. The presence of soot and dirt suggests that the oil has not been changed. New liquid washed the engine needs to be crystal clear and have a Golden hue.

2. How to cheat on STO with anti-corrosion treatment? The malice of the service center employees when performing anticorrosion treatment of the bottom of the machine can manifest as of cheap low-quality part, and in conscious violation of the technology of work. To win time, the master does not observe the technology of preparation of the underbody of the vehicle and does not cause a special composition on the surface of the hollow body (and in fact it is the maximum moisture accumulation). To prevent such deception, during operation, it is necessary to stand next to master and control the quality of outputs. Moreover, we can show you where to conduct a treatment with the utmost care.

3. Cheating when replacing the spark plugs and high voltage wires In many workshops at the slightest hint of unstable engine operation, the wizard will recommend to replace the plugs and wires. In fact, it is not always justified — often enough for a normal adjust clearance. This imposition of unnecessary work is also cheating and leads to unnecessary costs.

4. Repair CAT Unfair the service workers use the fact that the motorist with little experience any defect in the gearbox can be thought of as a serious problem. So, when changing the oil in the CAT in the tank where the used oil is drained, a savvy wizard can throw metal shavings. Then the car owner as it is wear and destruction of the parts. This is a great way to force the motorist to make an expensive overhaul. In the end, quite naturally, the repairs are not carried out, and the STO earns a lot of money. Such techniques are often used in the suspension system repair.


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