Experts talked about the pros of electric cars


Эксперты рассказали о плюсах электрокаровIt turns out that a new type of vehicle has considerably more advantages over fuel counterparts.

In Ukraine, the exponentially growing number of owners of electric vehicles.

After a wave of the September leap of prices on autogas from 11 to nearly UAH 17 UAH came the rise in price of petrol. Simple calculations say: in the month it Kiev spend an average of up to 4.5 thousand UAH. Although the gas a little bit in price fell, but does not produce the effect of saving, which is calculated on the owners of the recycled gas cars. And while the owners of internal combustion engines are sounding the alarm and preparing for the protests in Ukraine exponentially growing number of other car owners. They do not depend on gas or petrol, but only from the outlet.

Until they are negligible. One electric car in Ukraine, you can count as many as three thousand machines with internal combustion engine – so electricity scornful reduce the internal combustion engine. But the revolution is already here. A little more than 20 years – and in European countries is completely forbidden to sell petrol and diesel cars. But today, sales of electric cars are soaring. In six months the number of electric cars in the world doubled, topping the mark of 2 million. Ukrainian salons for half a year sold 1700 cars.

“Ukrainians are twice as active switch to electric cars than a year earlier. If in 2015 you’re running around and convinced that electric cars are the future, and now only have the future to bring in Ukraine”, – said Alexander Kravtsov, who sells electric cars.

The owners and sellers of electric vehicles is a real cult. Their common feature – active attitude, and positive Outlook on life.

Sergey Antonenko 25 years. His business – a chain of English language schools in Kiev region. The day he had to overcome hundreds of kilometers. It is the most common electric car in Ukraine and probably in the world – “Nissan Leaf”. Bought it for almost $ 15,000.

Igor Lyashenko supplies equipment for the sugar mills. He rode the electric “Nissan” when in Ukraine they were considered a miracle. A few months ago moved to the “Tesla”.

“He applied. Cost somewhere in the $ 60,000. 2015, – says Igor Lyashenko.

Used electric car differs from the gasoline used his brother as “Tesla” from “zaporozhtsa”. In an electric car simply because there is nothing to wear out, break, fray. The most important component of electric car – battery.

“At 100,000 miles, the battery loses about 10-15%. He loses half. The car is not falling apart in 3-4 years. The process of degradation of the battery takes 7-10 years. The budget for replacing the old battery for new is a few thousand dollars” – explains Alexander Kravtsov, who sells electric cars.

Sergei Antonenko battery pack – 24 kilowatt-hours, that is, this “Leaf” on a single charge can travel 150 kilometers. 150 miles today – average range of most electric cars. Evgeny, managing special service, says it is a conspiracy of car manufacturers. After all, if the charge was enough for 400-500 km, the market for petrol cars has long been fell. However, and 150 kilometers Sergey enough.

“I am in principle your entire day can invest in one battery. But if we are talking about having to go to another city, then it is a very big problem,” – said the businessman Sergey Antonenko.

In the “Tesla” Igor Lyashenko – 85 kWh, it’s 450-500 miles without recharging at a speed of 60-70 kilometers per hour.

“There were experiments, people were moving such a machine with the same battery at a speed of 28 kilometers per hour, and was driving thousands of kilometers”, – says Igor Lyashenko.

One kilometer of road buggy it costs 44 pennies. That is, 100 km – UAH 44.

Sergey one kilometer costs 27 cents.

It is cheaper than riding the bus or other public transport. And ten times cheaper than gasoline. But this is if you are correctly charged. Both men charged at night. Sergei equipped with a plug in his garage, and Igor – in space under his own house. Here Nissan is charging 8:00, and “Tesla” – 4.

In Ukraine there are supergarage. 50 seconds can charge 500 watts, which is enough for 3-4 km the Car is fully charged in half an hour. Mains charging 5-7 kilowatts per hour.

And with outlets in Ukraine, while a lot of problems. Charging out of its own socket in the garage – a procedure not for the faint of heart. High-speed charging very little, and the rest electric pump – or simply not working, or just turning up the price of electricity up to five times – up to UAH per 1 kilometer. That is, while electric cars is an option for those who have a place to charge the car. However this problem daily to actively decide – and not only businessmen, and electromobility. Columns with rosettes appear under the houses, offices and along the trails.


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