Experts “Supermodel in Ukrainian” decided to get married


Ukrainian photographer Sonya Placidus admitted that he did not expect a proposal of marriage from Richard horn.

Recently it became known that Director-choreographer Richard horn and photographer Sonya Placidus decided to get married.

With its history Dating and love the couple shared in the program surprise, Surprise!

Sonia admitted that she met Richard on the set at the time of casting experts, reality Supermodel in Ukrainian in 2014.

“We’ve been hiding this relationship, because happiness should be quiet. I remember when I saw Sonia, I thought, she’s a witch! Red, bold it instantly endeared me to him,“ said horn.

A few months Sonia and Richard worked together, but after a trip to the Carpathian mountains, everything changed. By the way, Sonya was engaged to another man, but fate decreed otherwise.

The first gift from Richard was a Hutsul wreath ribbon bambanani, which he tied on my head. As it turned out, it was the bride’s headpiece. Since then, we have a well-defined vector. He is a Cossack Vakula, and I’m, like, Oksana,“ said the girl.

Offer hands and hearts Richard also made in the Hutsul tradition, with matchmakers Olga Sumy and Vitaly Borisyuk.


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