Experts suggested recipe effective recipe against colds


Along with fall comes cold weather and the time starts of colds. Doctors recommend improve your health and enhance the supporting strength of the body.

It is reported by the with reference to Clutch.

For this
should eat right and include in your diet such healthy foods as:
lemon, onion, garlic and pepper.

In addition,
to strengthen your immune system and be healthy, should pay attention to this
warm and delicious autumn drink is the mulled wine . According to doctors he
is a great “prevention” of disease.

Mulled wine not
have to be alcoholic (there is a non-alcoholic wine), but
must consist of quality red or white wine.

The main
the benefits of wine consists of antioxidants called polyopoly. Polonophile
strengthen the heart, lead to tone the blood vessels and lower bad cholesterol in

But don’t
abuse of alcoholic drinks, even if it is “harmless” mulled wine. In
the day rate for men is two glasses, but women only one drink.
If recommended dose is exceeded, then the drink is harmful

In order
to increase the supporting forces of the body in winter, add hot mulled wine
the cinnamon and cloves. These spices have antibacterial effect, but the wine is good
warms up the body. Cloves and cinnamon improve your mood, banish
autumn melancholy, insomnia and calm the nervous system.

However, not
should self-medicate, and in case it is better to apply
to the doctor. After all, mulled wine is not
medicine, as a means of prevention.


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