Experts suggested as not “to kill” studded tires for the season


Incorrect operation can lead to rapid tire wear and losing studs.

If you choose winter tires, we recommend you to pay attention to 5 simple ways to preserve the rubber and not to lose the spikes in the first year of operation. It is important to remember that the loss of spikes tyres lose the advantages of the coupling quality deteriorate and the braking distance is extended. If the tire is less than 50% of the spikes from the original number, then its use is not recommended.

How to avoid premature loss of studs?

  • Not the BUCs!

At the start or the acceleration is not worth much “gas”, especially on asphalt. Wheel slip causes a sharp increase in the load on the spikes. This can lead to heavy wear or disconnecting from the bus. And from the security point of view, any sudden action on winter roads can cause a skid or cause an accident

  • Park wisely

In the Parking lot it is advisable to choose a path of movement, so you don’t have to spin the wheel, standing in one place. The more you turn the steering wheel without movement, the higher the probability to pull out spikes of seats.

  • Keep up the pressure

The tire pressure must be regularly inspected, preferably once in three weeks. If you are going on a long journey before you ride be sure to check the pressure. The loss probability of spikes increases significantly if the tire pressure is less than recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

  • A healthy balance

Wheel balancing is to ensure that the tire contact with the road was uniform. If the wheels are not balanced, the load on the spikes at the contact point increases. As a result, they can deform or detach, and the higher the speed, the more likely it is to lose the spikes.

  • Not the season

Ride studded tires in the warmer times of the year, it is like skating on asphalt. When you drive the tire heats up and warm time, it generates more heat. Winter rubber has a certain chemical composition does not allow it to harden at low temperatures. In warm time of the year winter tires more heat, which leads to its increased wear. Naturally, as the load increases, spikes quickly deform or separate from the tire.

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Do not forget that the quality of the tyres is an important element of safety on the road and they should be treated carefully.


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