Experts: is eggplant caviar?


Эксперты: Полезна ли баклажанная икра?

Residents of the East believe that eggplant is a vegetable that can give a long life. And here about the benefits of this vegetable we argue will not even.

But contain if canned eggplant and eggplant caviar, nutrients? To this question I decided to answer specialists.

Part of eggplant caviar includes carrots, onions, eggplant, pepper, spices and tomato paste. All the vegetables in the production of first roasted and then ground to puree state.

Through research, experts can confidently say that even after all the stages of roasting and conservation, eggplant caviar has in its composition vitamins b and C. it also contains zinc, potassium, copper and iron. But calories in food quite a bit — just 148 calories per hundred grams.

We strongly recommend that you choose a quality product in the store and always read the part. But it is best to do your own caviar at home: and delicious!


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